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Was he talking about Shamu, or Oldtimer?

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Sep 4, 2009
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You be the judge:

But you continue to make the same claims that you've been making for months - I suppose under the belief that if you write it often enough, it will be the same as being the truth. And apparently that works for YOU. Because you obviously believe some of the stuff that you claim - even though you can't prove it.

I don't mind helping somebody try to find links to their claims every once in a while, but people get tired of chasing their tails trying to find stuff to back up YOUR claims. In that thread on market transparency last summer, I went through one 32 page document and never could find what you claimed was there.

You can see why I'm certainly not about to go through all of the links on Greenberger's own site that you posted a link to looking for something to back up YOUR claims. Apparently, you had the time to find videos of his testimony, so I'm going to assume that YOU couldn't even find what you claimed was there.

And if President Bush actually told people to "take an 8 year coffee break" or "take an 8 year vacation" or "take an 8 year picnic" - all things that you have claimed - there should be plenty of results from a search. We shouldn't be relying on the testimony from one person to back that claim up, anyway.

If President Bush actually told people to do that, there should be thousands and thousands of hits on a search. There should be thousands and thousands of hits with more than just one person making that claim - not just you and not just Greenberger. Maybe I'm not using the right search terms, but I can't find anything.

I'll acknowledge the possibility that maybe I'm doing something wrong with the search and ask you once again to provide a link. NOT a link to hundreds and hundreds of pages of testimony for ME to go through, but an actual quote with a direct link to what YOU are claiming.

YOU make the claims, YOU should be able to back them up. Pretty simple.

Eery, isn't it.
Do not expect oldtimer to man up to anything, he is the one who threatened me to have his SON to crush me like a pimple on his butt, not him but his son to do his dirty work :roll: :roll: :roll: Me a 70 yr old man and he needs his son to do his dirty work :wink:
oldtimer also is the one who claimed I was the one responsible for that awful incident in his community, called me a homo, as well as other things, but does not have the manhood to even pm an apoligy.
Oh well I do not expect anything from him, nor do I want anything from him, I jusat consider the source, and that is not much to take into consideration :D :D :D :D :D
Remember his claim of other sites and their members making fun of the ranchernet conservatives. Let's just suppose that was true, then you would have seen a flock of his so called buddies jump on this site. But all we get for libs on this site is regurgitated leftist embarassed former members.

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