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Was there ever any doubt?. . .

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Feb 14, 2005
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Southern SD
. . .Blame the enviromentalists!

Neal Boortz

Gas prices are on the way up. Look for over two bucks a gallon for most of your Spring and Summer driving. The problem here is not that the world's supply of oil is running short. The problem is that the supply is undependable. Every time Islamic goons blow up an oil pipeline in Iraq you see a spike in oil prices. Add the terrorism problem to the fact that we don't have enough refining capacity .. and you have expensive gas.

How many years has it been since an oil refinery was built in the United States? I think that it's been over 25 years. Can't you imagine that this is having some affect on getting gas to the pumps for your Summer driving? And then there's all those special blends. We have about 55 different blends for different parts of the country .. all demanded by the eco-whacko crowd. The refineries can't keep up.

Who to blame? How about environmentalists? Any plan to build a new refinery is immediately met by a tidal wave of opposition from so-called "environmental" groups. Ditto for any suggestion that we start retrieving the supplies of crude oil and natural gas from the Gulf shore of Florida and the Pacific coast. No can do, the environmentalists don't like it. Then, of course, there's ANWR. On its best days ANWR looks like a vacant urban lot. Most of the time it looks like an iced-over K-Mart parking lot. There's oil there, but we can't get to it. Again .. blame the environmentalists.

What about nuclear power plants? Environmentalists again.

Remember, for many of the so-called environmentalists, the goal isn't protecting the environment. The real goal is weakening America. The environmental movement became the refuge-of-choice for socialists and communists who had nowhere else to go after the fall of the Soviet Union and the worldwide communist movement. Here they found a movement they could use to further their goals of weakening capitalism and the American economy ... and anyone who dares to challenge them is branded as a wicked capitalist who wants dirty air and water.

When you fill up your tanks for your trip to grandmas, remember to thank your friendly local environmentalist groups for their help.
Faster horses said:
Cal, that was a very powerful message and well-written.

Could I have your permission to use it in our local newspaper?

Faster horses, Neal Boortz's policy is general permission to publish or post his writing as long as he is given proper credit, as I did at the top of this post. Do you get his talk show on XM ? I've heard him at night on AM 1520 Oklahoma City
Faster horses said:
I THOUGHT YOU WROTE THE ARTICLE! The joke is on me--I missed the authors name at the top. Thanks for setting me straight!

How do I print just that post and not the replies?
I copied it onto the Private Message section for you. Check your messages and see if it's there without any clutter.

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