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Watermelon to the IRS

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Jun 7, 2005
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I heard about this and don't know if it's true although I have since learned that it is possible. A guy paying his taxes put all the information you'd put on a check and carved it onto a watermelon, and added the account number, and I'm not sure how the signature was handled but it was. He mailed it to the IRS and they accepted it, even wrote a letter back telling the man that the watermelon was real good and thanked him for it.

Anybody know if this is true, or something like it. A chec doesn't have to be on paper, you just have to provide the information, and so this is possible Or maybe if someone tries it on a similar item, let me know how it worked. Thanks!
wonder how the IRS would like getting the info carved into a nice dry cow patty???

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