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Way to go Alabama

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Nov 6, 2009
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But the real victims of the financial collapse in the US state of Alabama's most populous county are its poorest residents - forced to bathe in bottled water and use portable toilets after being cut off from the mains supply.

And there is widespread anger in Jefferson County that sewerage rate hikes could have been avoided but for the greed, corruption and incompetence of local politicians, government officials and Wall Street financiers.


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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
maybe it should have been more accurately titled way to go liberal democrats (and environmentalists).. who voted for and supported stupid liberal policies that resulted in this mess..

sewerage rate hikes could have been avoided but for the greed, corruption and incompetence of local politicians, government officials

But they are generally rising faster than inflation as cities are forced by federal government to replace worn-out sewerage facilities.

Investment bank JP Morgan Securities and two of its former directors have been fined for offering bribes to Jefferson County workers and politicians to win business financing the sewer upgrade.

Six of Jefferson County's former commissioners have been found guilty of corruption for accepting the bribes, along with 15 other officials.

"The public has lost confidence in Jefferson County over the last decade and a half, because of the mismanagement, because of the corruption.

When he was Republican mayor of Birmingham's neighbouring city of Hoover, Mr Petelos recalls attending a presentation by a Wall Street bank about the same kind of bonds that would later prove to be the downfall of Jefferson County.

He says: "I turned to my finance director and said, 'did you understand that?' He said, 'no I didn't'. So I said, 'we had better not buy it then'."

Jefferson County (population 658,000) issued $3.1 billion in debt from 1997 - 2003 to address environmental concerns over its wastewater system.

In addition, the project was plagued by political corruption that resulted in some convictions of some of the parties involved and undermined public confidence and support.

On December 1, 2008, Langford, (a Democrat) along with investment banker William B. Blount and former state Democratic Chairman Al LaPierre, was arrested by the FBI on a 101-count indictment alleging conspiracy, bribery, fraud, money laundering, and filing false tax returns in connection with a long-running bribery scheme.[4] His public corruption trial ended on October 28, 2009 with convictions on 60 counts, and resulted in his automatic removal from office.[5]

White is the last of five former commissioners to appeal his conviction. The 11th Circuit previously affirmed the conviction of three other commissioners, including Larry Langford, Chris McNair and Jeff Germany. Commissioner Mary Buckelew declined to appeal her conviction.

Larry Langford democrat
Chris McNair democrat
Gary White, rino
Mary Buckelew, democrat
Jeff Germany, democrat

so we have liberals suing liberals and liberals taking bribes.. and a project and city now defunct..

maybe this is a sign that sound liberal management, like a unicorn doesn't exist..


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Apr 12, 2008
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real world
the "unintended consequences" of Liberalism/progressivism are starting to even annoy the most staunch Liberals......

......maybe a little less "big Government" might be an answer, but if I know Jingo2/Kola, she'll be advocating more........and when she does, OT will be right in there, sticking up for his friend that starts crap by making false accusations, which ends up chasing people from the website......

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