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Weather like a yoyo

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Feb 28, 2008
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Mid-western Ontario
I think we would be ready for winter to come and be more than just a visitor now. I know, that's asking for trouble, but this flip flopping between snow, rain and then mud is getting old. After all, it is January.

So we got about 6" of snow again overnight but it's to turn mild with rain by Friday :???:

With the mild weather and a mostly haylage diet it's hard to keep the calves dry in the barn so I might run them outside again. Which means a bit of fence building today.

And the cows are shiny and dry for a few days and then wet and miserable-looking for the next spell of rain...they don't like mud any more than I do.
I have the same problem where I winter cows the mud at times gets very deep this year we've had very little moisture since august. I try not cussing rain because the alternative is grim.But I'm with you freeze up already.I could'nt imagine living in a warmer area where the ground does'nt freeze. My mud season lasts a few weeks each spring and that's to much.
Been like that here also just haven't had the snow. It was 65 three days ago going to be in the low 60 until mid week the 30. The week before it hardly got above 30. Its been to darn hot for late December early January that's for sure.

We had wind on Saturday that was terrible. It blew 50 mph with gust up to 80mph. I had shingles blow off part of my garage but no other damage, just kids toys blown all over or into kansas. Seen on the news that night that one place in the high country recorded winds of 126mph.
Well we got it now! Winter blew back in and it dropped from above freezing yesterday morning to -18C or about 0F here by this morning with almost a foot of snow. Everything is looking bright and clean nut we could do without the breeze although it was nothing like tenbach described!

Seems like the weather is pretty changeable these past few years but not much we can do about it but adapt.

Have many others noticed a difference in their weather patterns?
Our 'winter' here in western SD has been very nice! Dry is great in winter, far as I'm concerned! More chance for rain in the growing season! Some want snow to pile up so it will run off to fill dams in spring. History on our ranch since 1892 just hasn't borne that out as factual. Wet spring snow, or even rain on frozen ground has produced more full dams here, without the hassle of having to fight the deep snow for months. Supposed to be in upper 40's to low 60's rest of week for high temps, with teens and 20's for lows. It did get down to 4% one night recently. Cattle are enjoying it, too. Too much variation in temps does seem to get some illnesses going, but we have been pretty blessed, so far on that score.

Every day of 'fall weather' is one less day of winter miseries, a good thing, imo!

We strip grazed around the lake on the lease place with electric fence making about three day moves on about 6 inches of rained on snow but it has gotten mild enough these last couple of days that the snow is mostly gone and we might take one more pass over it with the extra grass that showed up. might even get another week or two more than expected before having to start bale grazing.
And now today we are back up to 3C or 37F with pleasant sunshine and the snow almost gone again. Forecast calls for almost a whole week of these temps with some rain mixed in.

More like April 7th than January 7th. :???:

Oh and did I mention more mud . . . :roll:
The long range forecast is calling for a pattern change that will affect us starting about next weekend... They are calling for highs in the single digits- lows in the single digits BELOW- and several days of snow...(Which actually is still pretty nice for this country this time of year)

Altho I know we are going to get it sometime- I still hope they are wrong...I've gotten a might spoiled with this fall type weather... :D

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