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Welcome, SH

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Glad you are back SH I missed your responses to R-CALF statements. :D
I knew you come sneaking around here prarie dog,just like a curr dog with his tail tucked between his legs....................good luck
Hey SH! Welcome back, I too have missed having you around. While I don't always agree with what you say or your presentation, I have learned lots from your posts. I hope you start posting a little more.


Turkey Track Bar
Turkey Track Bar. Is that your brand ? Does it have anything to do with the old Texas Turkey Track? I have a friend that uses the brand Turkey Track as their ranch is a reminent of the Turkey Track ranch holdings in Canada dating back to the early 1900's. :cowboy:
Three people said they missed him and only one was from Canada, Nice observation there. :roll: What is with the new handle? Did someone else register using Nebrusker so you couldn't? Thanks to the Boss we still know who you are :?

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