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Were are all the Obama girlfriends?

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains

Think about this e-mail and see if there's anything here you don't believe!

I hadn't thought about this - but where are Obama's past girlfriends

surely he had at least one? No past girl friends popping up anywhere?

Strange - strange to the point of being downright weird!

OK, this is just plain old common sense, no political agendas for

either side. Just common knowledge for citizens of a country,

especially American citizens, who know every little tidbit about

every other president (and their wives) that even know that

Andrew Jackson's wife smoked a corn cob pipe and was accused

of adultery, or that Lincoln never went to school or Kennedy

wore a back brace, or Truman played the piano.

We are Americans! Our media vets these things out! We

are known for our humanitarian interests and caring for our

'fellow man.' We care, but none of us know one single

humanizing fact about the history of our own president.

Honestly, and this is a personal thing... but it's bugged me

for years that no one who ever dated him ever showed up.

Taken his charisma, which caused the women to be drawn

to him so obviously during his campaign, looks like some

lady would not have missed the opportunity.

We all know about JFK's magnetism, McCain was no monk,

Palin's courtship and even her athletic prowess were probed.

Biden's aneurisms are no secret. Look at Cheney and Clinton-

we all know about their heart problems. How could I have

left out Wild Bill before or during the White House?

Nope... not one lady has stepped up and said, "He was soooo

shy," or "What a great dancer!" Now look at the rest of what

we know... no classmates, not even the recorder for the

Columbia class notes ever heard of him.

Who was the best man at his wedding? Start there. Check

for groomsmen. Then get the footage of the graduation ceremony.

Has anyone talked to the professors? Isn't it odd that no one is

bragging that they knew him or taught him or lived with him.

When did he meet Michele and how? Are there photos?

Every president provides the public with all their photos,

etc. for their library. What has he released? Nada - other

than what was in this so-called biography! And experts

who study writing styles etc. claim it was not O's own

words or typical of his speech patterns, etc.

Does this make any of you wonder?

Ever wonder why no one ever came forward from Obama's

past, saying they knew him, attended school with him, was

his friend, etc? Not one person has ever come forward from his past.

This should really be a cause for great concern. Did you see

the movie titled, The Manchurian Candidate?

Let's face it. As insignificant as we all are... someone whom

we went to school with remembers our name or face... someone

remembers we were the clown or the dork or the brain or the

quiet one or the bully or something about us.

George Stephanopoulos, ABC News said the same thing

during the 2008 campaign. Even George questions why

no one has acknowledged that the president was in their

classroom or ate in the same cafeteria or made impromptu

speeches on campus. Stephanopoulos was a classmate of

Obama at Columbia-class of 1984. He says he never had

a single class with him. Since he is such a great orator,

why doesn't anyone in Obama's college class remember

him? And, why won't he allow Columbia to release his

records? Do you like millions of others, simply assume

all this is explainable - even though no one can?


Looking for evidence of Obama's past, Fox News contacted

400 Columbia University students from the period when

Obama claims to have been there, but not one remembers

him. For example,Wayne Allyn Root was (like Obama) a

political science major at Columbia , who graduated in 1983.

In 2008, Root says of Obama, "I don't know a single person

at Columbia that knew him, and they all know me. I don't

have a single classmate who ever knew Barack Obama at

Columbia ... EVER!

Nobody recalls him.

Root adds that he was, "Class of '83 political science,

pre-law" and says, "You don't get more exact or closer

than that.. Never met him in my life, don't know anyone

who ever met him."

At our 20th class reunion five years ago, who was asked

to be the speaker of the class? Me. No one ever heard of

Barack! And five years ago, nobody even knew who he

was. The guy who writes the class notes, who's kind of

the, as we say in New York , 'the macha' who knows

everybody, has yet to find a person, a human who ever

met him."

Obama's photograph does not appear in the school's

yearbook, and Obama consistently declines requests

to talk about his years at Columbia , provide school

records, or provide the name of any former classmates

or friends while at Columbia .

How can this be?

NOTE: Wayne Allyn Root can easily be verified. He

graduated valedictorian from his high school, Thornton-

Donovan School , then graduated from Columbia University

in 1983 as a Political Science major in the same '83 class

in which Barack Hussein Obama states he was.

Some other interesting questions.

Why was Obama's law license inactivated in 2002?

Why was Michelle's law license inactivated by court order?

According to the U.S. Census, there is only one Barack

Obama - but 27 Social Security numbers and over 80 aliases..


The Social Security number he uses now originated in

Connecticut where he is never reported to have lived.

No wonder all his records are sealed!

Please continue sending this out to everyone. Somewhere,

someone had to know him in school... before he "reorganized"

Chicago and burst upon the scene at the 2004 Democratic

Convention and made us swoon with his charm, poise, and

speaking pizzazz.

One of the biggest CONS this country has ever seen, and

getting away with it. This is scary on many levels! He's

the most dishonest deceiving liar to ever darken

the White House!!!


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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
maybe they should be looking in the closet
Where are all the Obama girlfriends?


obuma with roommates


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Nov 12, 2006
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put oldtimer on it!!!! he always has great investigative powers, look how he found the proof that some people were stalking and harassing others on here :wink: :wink: :wink: look at how he posted that proof! :roll: :roll: :roll: Look at how he always tells the truth :roll: :roll: :roll:

Opps wait hew never supplied proof'

Wait he is not really all that truthful so that is not a good idea to jave him investigate
:D :D :D

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