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Whacky Weather!

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Maple Leaf Angus

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Feb 10, 2005
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Southern Ontario
One week ago today the temperature climbed into the 20's (60-70's F.) and the grass turned green. The cows were out munching and pretty well quit eating hay at the feeder.

On Saturday it started to cool off and a bit of snow started to fall in the P.M. By Sunday morning we had about 10" of heavy wet snow. Tore some branches off the trees. (I'll explain what trees are in another post, BMr.)

Probably had over a foot since Saturday, but it is melting fast with the ground being so warm already. Should soak in good; we can sure use the moisture, but I don't know what the farmers are thinking that have most of their corn planted.

Weird stuff. Summer last week and now back to winter. Cows hate it.
Agreed!!! Last monday, i drove home in dang near a foot of slush and found 8" of snow so wet and heavy that it broke several power lines in our 2 mile lane to our house....today is simply beautiful with blue skies, light breeze and temperatures near 60 degrees (f)...what's next? weather channel is calling for rain/snow by saturday...not good considering we are suppose to be branding that day :roll: :roll:
We're supposed to get colder weather this week, with chances of rain and snow and freezing temperatures at night. So much for starting seeding this week!
Shelly...... the really weird part is that this is the same stormfront that hit Maple Leaf.....Moving due west from the Great Lakes..... snow rain and freezing temps......Maybe your early calving gets the best weather!! :roll:

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