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What a Bloomin' Idiot

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
There shouldn't be ANY gun crimes in NYC since guns are not allowed. Right?

Labor day weekend in New York City saw a surge in gun-related violence over the weekend that resulted in 10 deaths, and now Mayor Bloomberg has asked for the federal government to pile on to some of the strictest local anti-gun legislation in the country.

There were 14 separate shooting incidents over the weekend, and violence injured a reported 50 people, according to the Wall Street Journal. A lone gunman was reportedly responsible for shooting eight people at a party in a backyard in the Bronx on Sunday. Among his eight victims, the shooter hit an 11-year-old boy and two girls ages 13 and 14.

Gunfire even erupted within earshot of New York City Mayor Bloomberg on Sunday, as he was marching in the West Indian Day parade in Brooklyn, according to the NY Post. A number of shootings occurred at or near the parade, which is supposed to be a celebration of West Indian (Caribbean) culture, food, and music.


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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
it is hard to believe that some actually felt Bloomberg was a conservative/moderate..

A Democrat before seeking elective office, Bloomberg switched his registration in 2001 and ran for mayor as a Republican, winning the election that year and a second term in 2005. Bloomberg left the Republican Party over policy and philosophical disagreements in 2007 and ran for his third term in 2009 as an independent candidate on the Republican ballot line.

the sleaze followed Mayor Giuliani and knew after the long history of liberal failures even in liberal NEW York, that his chances were better as a republican... so he called himself one..

for those who forgot.. the liberals were outraged at the thought of Giuliani trying to get a third term..

Giuliani rules out seeking third term

NEW YORK (AP) — Mayor Rudy Giuliani said Wednesday he will not press for a third term,

Giuliani, a Republican, is barred by the City Charter from serving more than two terms and is scheduled to leave office on Dec. 31. However, he has talked with legislative leaders about extending his stay in office or lifting term limits altogether so that he could run for a third term.

But Giuliani said Wednesday: "I told him I thought it would not be a good idea. It would lead to division and litigation and the city does not need division and litigation at this time."

Bloomberg opposed Giuliani third term and vetoed a bill in 2002 that would have extended the terms for some officials, he said the proposed law amounted to changing the rules for personal political gain.

As Bloomberg neared his final year in office, he struggled with what he wanted to do next. After deciding earlier this year that an independent White House bid was too much of a long shot, Bloomberg recently reversed his long-standing position on the city's term limits law and said last week he would seek to change it and run again.

so now he calls himself an independent,.. just another word for "way to darn liberal to be called a conservative without everyone laughing"

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