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What Canadians need to know about BSE

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al

Is hindsight 20-20?
We have all made mistakes and they have come back to haunt us.
All of us.
Mike....sure wish I had your time available to live on the net! I've never heard of the Canadian Health Coalition so did a search. They are a (no surprise) extreme left wing group crusading against privatization, globalization and seemingly any type of trade where profit can be made.

Several main subjects stuck out... their research credits are mostly sensationalized unproven news releases...and a lack of any reference to the OIE. Their' facts' are very poorly researched with little regard for the truth or actual statistics!

I would venture that this groups ultimate agenda has little to do with food safety and everthing to do with promoting their own agenda on the country. Does this sound familiar to anyone??? :twisted:

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