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What is the real reason????

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Feb 10, 2005
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Obama's Administration has come out and claimed they will not release pictures of a dead Osama Bin Ladin because those pictures might incite violence against US troops. We keep hearing how Obama has all but shut down AL Queada and they are of no threat anymore, even these week he said the War on Terror is over.

So what is the real reason he will not release those pictures?

Think about it if releasing a few pictures is going to incite violence against the troops what is his CONTINUED bragging about being the one that killed Osama going to do to the troops safety?

Obama can not run on the economy as today we hear that it hit a new milestone of debt higher than GDP so All he has that he can campaign on is the idea of him killing Osama. You can guarantee Osama's death will be in ALL DEMOCRAT TALKING POINTS. :roll: Of course their will be absolutely no mention it was Intell gathered by BUSH that lead to the murder of Osama but Obama will be using the killing to booster his record all the way to the BANK without one thought of what risk his bragging is putting troops in. But yet a picture to actually prove he killed the hated terrorist and deserves to be bragging will be locked up tight in the same safe Obama's birth certificate is in. :roll:

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