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What's next? Obama's National ID CARD?

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
“Your papers, please.” As a kid, I heard radio shows where someone with a German accent would ask this. Now it’s coming to America. Only worse. There won’t be papers. There will be a plastic card backed up by a data base with your vital information in it.

The Bush Administration rammed this through in 2005. It was never implemented. States fought against it. Now Obama is trying to get it through again.

The Rutherford Institute is battling this.
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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
we already have a defacto ID the SS card.

while I find getting the documents together for a states Drivers license an inconvenience, , I prefer it over seeing illegals becoming documented by manipulating our system..

in fact illegals should not be given a SS card.. because for many employers it is an excuse to hire them despite laws against it..

when you add in the states DL.. you now have a documented illegal..

before 2005 an illegal could build an ID out of US documents..

first would be a Tax payer ID,. a SS card, and then a DL..

after that you were documented... and most likely could even get registered to vote...

locally we see alot of Hispanics with SC, Illinois and Texas plates...

and the police can't do much about it if they are not expired..

they are real easy to spot.. a banger,.. smoke pouring out the tail pipe, six people in a small car or four in a pickup... with SC, Illinois and Texas plates...

we need to either have state illegal detention laws such as AZ,.. or fix the ones we have that ban common sense..

right now our local police hands are tied by federal laws...

employers can't ask.. because of federal laws....

and states are left dealing with the burdensome cost,.. because of federal laws..

we need real state's ID.. and real reform.. reform that ties the feds hands not the states..

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