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Wheatheart post pounder

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Sep 3, 2007
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Western Nebraska
For you guys that have these pounders, I am needing some advice. I have the side mast 3-point model. I don't seem to have the hydraulic capacity that I need on the pounder. The oil level is fine and the pump seems to be running fine, no external leaks, but I can't hardly get it to slide the mast in and out. It will usually push it out with a little coaxing, but I can't get it to slide back in unless it is tipped all the way in. Even with it tipped all the way in to transport position I often have to rev the tractor to get it to pull in. Any ideas for me to check? It is a 2 year old, new model. It set on a dealer lot down in Texas and Oklahoma for a couple of years before we bought it so it hasn't seen a lot of use.
I don't know about this machine, but if it has a hydraulic filter I would change that, if that doesn't get it I'd chase down the relief valve and see if it was either backed off or has something stuck in it keeping it open. Are the other functions weak as well?
Unless there is a filter in the oil reservoir there is no filter on it. The others seem to work fine, but you can't operate more than one function at a time. When I am done pounding a post I open the hugger, tip the mast back, slide the mast in and lower the hammer. Every one of those has to be done by itself, there just isn't enough pressure to operate more than one function at a time.
If the oil is right, and the pto is turning at the correct speed, I'd sure be inclined to have a look at the relief valve. How old is it? Is there a chance the pump is weak? Did it come on slow or just start doing this?
We are the first owners of the machine. It did set on a dealer lot for a couple of years before we bought it. As far as I know, and from the looks of it, it had never been used before we bought it. I am going to have to figure out how to adjust the relief valve and see if I can make it work any better with that adjustment.
Google wheatheart post pounder, then go to the manual, click on troubleshooting, and it will tell you how to adjust the relief valve with the set screw.

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