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When is Obama going to get off his knees

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Feb 10, 2005
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AND Stand up for the US military. :? :x

All we have seen is the Obama Administration bending over backwards to apologize to Muslims over and over about the Koran burning incident.

The Muslim detainees defaced their own Korans, which is against their religion, to pass messages and when the guards caught them they eliminated the problem by taking the Korans away and disposing of them. If the Koran meant so much to those upstanding muslim detainee then why did THEY DEFACE THEM and use them to sneek notes pass the guards.

If this was a bible being burned by a Muslim there is no friggin way you would see a Muslim leader apologizing to anyone about it.
There is a Christian being hung in IRAN because he dared to change religion and where are Christian leaders/ OBAMA when it comes to those Muslim actions?
Is Obama demanding an apology from Afghan leadership for the death of two soldiers over the Koran incident NO HE IS APOLOGIZING.

The guy started his presidency on an apology tour and he keeps on bowing and kissing butts in the Muslim world and tossing his country under the bus. Does it do him any good has Iran agreed to stop buildinjg a nuke to use on the US? NO, Have terrorists put down their weapons and joined hands singing kumbyah? NO. he has painted the US as a weak country which has embolded those that hate the US into doing something much worse to them. It is time he is GONE and Nov 2012 I fear might be too late. :mad:


Newt Gingrich lambasted President Barack Obama for apologizing to Afghanistan's Hamid Karzai Thursday, suggesting the United States pull its troops out of the country after two American troops were killed Thursday.

Maybe Newt is learning from Ron Paul/Gary Johnson and the feeling of the country-- keep our nose out of trying to be nationbuilders...These folks have killed themselves for thousands of years- and all our great American heroes sacrifices is not going to change it.....

More than six in ten Americans oppose the U.S. war in Afghanistan, according to a new national poll. And a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Thursday also indicates that 56 percent of the public believes that things are going badly for the U.S. in Afghanistan.

Sixty-three percent of people questioned in the poll say they oppose the war, with 35 percent saying they support the U.S. mission in Afghanistan.
The survey indicates a partisan divide, with three-quarters of Democrats and more then six in ten independent voters opposed to the war, and Republicans supporting it by a 52 to 44 percent margin. A minority of Democrats and independents say the war is going well, with a majority of Republicans saying things are going well for the U.S.

These riots prove that most are tired of the Bush Wars- and the same as I several war veterans I've talked to say you aren't going to ever put in a Democracy or change the thinking/lifestyle of those folks...And the sacrifices their comrades have given will end up being a big waste in the long run..


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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
Tam, you forgot to mention the Americans now being held in Egypt..

Feb 13, 2012 12:39pm EST

(Reuters) - The White House announced plans on Monday to help "Arab Spring" countries swept by revolutions with more than $800 million in economic aid, while maintaining U.S. military aid to Egypt.

In his annual budget message to Congress, President Barack Obama asked that military aid to Egypt be kept at the level of recent years -- $1.3 billion -- despite a crisis triggered by an Egyptian probe targeting American democracy activists.

thankfully some in congress have stood up where Obama has bent over..

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