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Where is everyone?

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"Jigs is still kicking….. had a run in with a couple hay thieves that burned me for 750,000 dollars….. so a bankruptcy was the last option. Kid took over part of the farm and liquidated the rest.
Preached for 5 years until the new growth we brought in wanted to update some things and the old guard asked me to resign……"
There has to be quite a story behind this????
So sorry.

Hopefully you will find a new church to lead. Pastors are scarce in this part of the world.
I know 3 churches right off the bat that are seeking pastors.
She is doing great . Have her here for a few more days and then she will go back over the mountains.
Put her to work while she was here. Strict rule from her parents " no face pics online". So this is as close as you get….. daughter in law demanded to scoop the drive….. so I supervised


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