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Jul 4, 2005
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Congresswoman Jean Schmidt had her five minutes of fame when she stood on the floor of the House and accused a twice decorated Marine of being a coward. Then her partner in this insult, Representative Bubp from OH, went public and said he didn't say what Schmidt claimed he said. Both she and Bubp just can't understand why the press is giving this so much play! :D

Now she's trying to rewrite history.

"I found out that the Democrats had just announced their policy position to immediately withdraw troops from Iraq."

That's an out and out lie. The proposal voted on in the House for immediate withdrawal was written by the Republican leadership. They refused to put Congressman Murtha's plan up for a vote. One can only assume they were afraid their party (Republican) members would vote for it and leave them with red faces. So they put up a resolution they knew wouldn't pass and claimed it was "Murtha's plan."

Shame on these people for playing politics with the lives of our soldiers.

Here's a link to her PR. I had a good laugh. Maybe you'll enjoy it, too.


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