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White Man's Law

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Feb 10, 2005
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Montgomery, Al
CNN's Anderson Cooper questioned New Black Panther Party spokesman, Minister Mikhail Muhammad, over his group's involvement in the Trayvon Martin case, exposing the party's racism.

Cooper: But I mean, just—factually speaking, what you're saying does not make sense that under the Constitution you can make a citizens' arrest. You can't arrest somebody if they have not been charged with anything that's still being investigated.

Muhammad: Well, according to the street law, he has been charged with murder.

Cooper: According to the what?

Muhammad: We have 40—30,000 people out here today—according to street law, according to God's law. Andy, I want to say I don't obey the white man's law, I don't follow the American law. The American law—the American law does not protect me, Anderson. I'm not a citizen. So I have no right to respect American law. So we decided to (unintelligible) language, to put pressure on the United Snakes, because these are snakes, government to arrest him. Because when the people find him, he may not be alive. So do your job. Do your job.
we let idiots like this run free amongst the people???? put a hoodie on the moron and send him to Florida.
It is people like the New Black Panthers that brain wash young black youth into thinking they don't have to follow American/White law, and that is why the prisons are filled with them.

If more of the Black communities would stand up to these thugs and teach their young that the law knows no color and it is for EVERYONE, then maybe, just maybe, the Black Communities would not have to visit their youth on prison visitors day. But instead of standing up to them, they stand with them and riot with them, teaching their youth that what these people say is right in their minds. Then when all h*ll breaks loose and people die by their own hands, they blame soceity for all their woes. :roll:

If something happens to Zimmerman, the leaders of the New Black Panthers should be hauled into court along with half the Black Causus, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Obama for incite violence and obstruction of Justice. These people need to shut their mouths and allow the Justice System to work. Telling the public that Trayvon was hunted down like a rabid dog was an out and out lie and that bingbat Congresswoman that wears the shiny pink cowboy hat should be fined for being so stupid. First for what she wears and then for what she says. :roll:

A Coroner's report came out saying there wasn't a mark on Trayvon's body other than the gun shot. Evidence also shows Zimmerman was the one that was beat. If Zimmerman was headed back to his SUV when Trayvon attacked him then Trayvon was not being hunted like a rabid dog. He, Trayvon, intentionally came back to beat a man, Zimmerman, that had means of protecting himself from the violence that had been going on in that gated community. If Zimmerman had not had a gun would he be the one dead due to the repeated blows to his head, who knows but in Florida Zimmerman had a right to protect himself from an attack. Will he get Charged? Probably because of the media attention and over zealous Black Community the law may be forced to charge him to stop the riots from destroying their communities.

Justice will not be serviced when you have people like the New Black Panthers publicly promoting violence with promises of a large reward. Anyone, including Hollywood Celebs like Spike Lee, that contribute to this Bounty should have to stand beside the New Black Panthers in Court and answer to their actions too.
Steve said:
that bingbat Congresswoman that wears the shiny pink cowboy hat should be fined for being so stupid.

I really doubt she has enough money to cover the fine... :? :twisted:

Let her sell her stupid hat collection to the local circus to cover the fines. GAWD I hate those ugly hats of hers. :roll:
jigs said:
we let idiots like this run free amongst the people???? put a hoodie on the moron and send him to Florida.

Make you a proposition, send them all to their brothers in Zimbabwe and let us take on their unwanted citizenship, and carry on the nation building we were well known for in the days of Rhodesia!

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