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Who really believes him?

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Feb 10, 2005
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Does anyone really believe Obama when he says HIS White House had nothing to do with the leaks that the Liberal Rag The New York Times has used to promote Obama's leadership?

According to reports these articles have quotes from a number of Obama's AIDS. They included quotes from private top secret meetings about who said what to who and their reaction to what was said. Where did these quotes come from if they were not coming from the White House and Obama's INTER CIRCLE? :?

Why did it take weeks for Obama to see that his top secret meetings were being quoted by somebody in the New York Times and RISKING NATIONAL SECURITY? Why did it take a BIPARTISAN press Conference on the topic and outrage from both sides of the Senate to get an investigation going?

Obama said, no to allowing an independent investigator look into the leaks but Holder appoints an Obama campaign donor from the DOJ to oversee the FBI investigate. Is this going to be another hugh pile of dirt swept under the rug by Obama's protectors. Personally I don't trust anything Holder is involved it after hearing how he has stonewalled and OUT AND OUT lied to the Congress. He was in charge of the Fast and Furious investigation and not one person has paid the price for Brian Terry's death a year and half later. Sorry But I still can't get passed that He dropped the charges on those intimidating voters on behalf of Obama, that was corruption from the day he stepped into the DOJ office :x Face it Holder is not Head of the DOJ to see Justice done he is there to be Obama's PROTECTOR and to see to it Blacks have the upper hand. :x
I laugh at his idiocy, but I was offended by him referring to it as "my" Whitehouse. Why not just say "This or The" Whitehouse. What an ass.
This idiot thinks he can tell people "HIS" White House didn't leak the info after "HIS" White House took liberal loving film makers into the once Top Secret Situation Room and handed over info on the Bin Ladin Killing so they could make a movie glorifing his involvement, and everyone is to believe him. He sees he can not run on his Domestic record so he is pumping up his Foreign record to make people believe he knows what he is doing by LEAKING TOP SECERT INTELL.

The ends justify the means and Obama and "HIS" White House staff and advisors will do anything it takes to keep their cushy tax payer funded jobs even if it means risking US Lives to retain power so they can push their Socialist Agenda for another four years.

I also love the fact the Democrats claim Romney doesn't have the experience to be President of the US. Someone PLEASE explain to me what "EXPERIENCE" the incompetent INTEL LEAKING twit that is now occupying Air Force One had before becoming the President of the US that made the Democrats vote for him? :mad:

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