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who said this..

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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
I just don't think Obama is nominatable...Just not the time for a black with ties to the Muslim party- and a name like "Obama"...The country is not that progressive or globalized yet...

While all 3 top Democrats (Hillary, Obama, and Edwards) beat all the Republican candidates in a head to head race in the polls-- if Hillary happens to stumble (which I think is about impossible with the number of scandals she already survived) I think the nominee will be Edwards--

Iff'n we have to have a Democrat President--which I'm quite sure we are going to get- like it or not- with the neutering and despoiling of the Republican Party and the conservative image that GW has done Rolling Eyes Sad --- I would prefer Edwards over Hitlery or Osama Obama...And that is kind of the feel I get with many of the local Dems, Ind., and used to be Repubs of the area--they really don't want another Clinton and fear Hillary-- just don't relate to Obama--but could tolerate Edwards...

and this one didn't even like Gov. Clinton
I like Obama, too. After he's served a couple of terms in the Senate, he might be my choice for President. I think he needs more "seasoning" in national and international matters before he's settled in the Oval Office. Look at what the last inexperienced governor did for us. Heck, look at what the last TWO governors did for us.

no peeking.. I kinda liked Obama....until.... he pulled this stunt.


oh how times have "changed"

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