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Why American won't be competitive in 21st century

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Feb 10, 2005
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Denver, CO
reader (the Second) said:
C.E.O.'s, M.I.A.

After six weeks of being a foreign correspondent traveling around America, the biggest question I have come home with is not "What's the matter with Kansas?" but rather, "What's the matter with big business?"

Response...Thomas Friedman's new book entitled "The World is Flat" is a must read. He hardly dismisses the competitiveness of U.S. business. Rather he points to the value of intellectual property and the need to educate and re-educate. He also offers a difficult pill to swallow for those who are anti-trade and seek protectionism from those changes taking place daily in the new "flat" world. He is truly the most brilliant economic journalists of our time.
So lobbying congress for more programs and legislation is the answer to "what's the matter with big business", and would a tax hike be helpful as well?? Does anyone remeber a time when someone wasn't predicting doom and gloom? The only hard times I remember were mostly caused by the government, and I can't think of many (any?) real solutions which can be attributed to government programs and regulations.

If you want to know where many of tomorrows leaders in the US are coming from, look no further than those educated in private schools and those fortunate enough to be home schooled. You can count on it, and don't forget to thank the NEA.

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