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Why are gas prices so high?

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Feb 13, 2005
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Wildwood New Jersey
just a few facts:

Gasoline demand:
2005: 9.408 million barrels per day
2004: 9.521 million barrals per day

Demand is down?
For the year, gasoline deliveries have been nearly flat, unlike 2004 when gasoline deliveries had risen nearly 2 percent, the API said.

Yet Refinery production fails to keep up despite increased imports;

Finished production:
2005: 8.939 million barrels per day
2004: 8.725 million barrels per day

so how do the imports of finished gas fit in:
2005: .973 million barrels per day
2004: .891 million barrels per day

supply numbers are
2005: 9.912
2004: 9.616

For a surplus of:
2005: .504 million barrels per day
2004: .095 million barrels per day

So why is gas higher priced? I could speculate.....but


Supply monthly average:
2003: 15346
2004: 15507
2004: 15653

Demand Monthly average
based on Crude refinery capabilities:
2003 : 15304
2004 : 15475
2005 : 15516

why is it when you look at the raw numbers thier appears to be a surplus:
Because there is a suplus,
stocks on hand:
2003 : 907 million barrels
2004 : 961 million barrels
2005 : 1021 million barrels

But an understaning in Economics defies the speculation in oil futurs
American taxpayers are subsdizing gasoline prices in Iraq. While we pay $2.60 - $3.50 a gallon, they're paying 5 cents. Thanks, George.
Not George Bush, George Soros and his friends.

Soros, a multi-billionaire who made billions is currency speculation is reported to be speculating in oil futures.

Guess he needs some more money to fund his vendetta against George Bush.

While looking up data, I ran across an interesting article on ethonal production gains and was sorta side tracked, until I found this article, I geuss you have to file it under, no matter how hard you try, they still hate Bush,

I have always believed Ethonal was a win win, and that with sound investment production gains and technology would increase the % of total gain recieved in energy production. and by most accounts the gains are increasing and the viability is increasing, recent ( last 10 years) findings on the dangers of MTBE, and gains in ethonal production have set ethonal up as the replacement of choice,,,for most, but not the left liberals, why?

because they hate GW bush? how sad,,,that a bunch of rich elitists from hollywood want to push the lie that ethonal is a bad chioce for America,,,and that with no real bitch they attack any thing good coming out of the midwest..

In a speech at a biodiesel refinery in Virginia last week,
President Bush touted the economic and environmental benefits of
corn-based ethanol

Increasing production from 5 billion to as much as 8 billion
gallons of corn-based ethanol per year, as the Bush energy bill
calls for, "will further deplete fossil fuels, and damage soil,
water, and air with no benefit to the country, other than the
few recipients of big government subsidies" said Patzek.

now how did they come up with that? well maybe Mooron helped them do thier scientifci study....either way the site was funded by MOVE ON. ORG,

you know the fund funded by George Soros,,,now it fits togeather, if we use more of our own resources Soros, can't make as much money speculating on oil,,,,, thus overcharge US for fuel ...

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