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Wide Open Beef Market

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Feb 11, 2005
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It would be refreshing if our leaders in the Beef Cattle Industry spent their time and money in maximizing the potential market opportunities in the USA, rather than law suits,border closings, kissing Japan's butt, and fighting amongest ourselves! Yes, we need to market those cuts that our USA folks won't eat, but really..................look at the time and money that has been wasted to bolster the ego's of a chosen few. Instead of getting smarter when we get top cattle prices......we seem to let our brains fall on the floor. If our leaders in this industry(and I use the word"LEADERS" with many reservations) focused on the ultimate goal of producing great BEEF that taste good and is good for you, no telling what the price of finished cattle could be. If you look at the price per oz/lb of many of the products we buy and compare it to BEEF we are not very good sales people! Enjoy the article below......last time I checked, Women still do the grocery shopping. I would hope our"Leaders" have figured this out......maybe not!

Why NASCAR has so many female hearts racing
Ernest Hemingway wrote that "there are only three real sports: mountain climbing, bullfighting, and automobile racing." But in a day when a sport isn't really a sport unless it's televised, that leaves only racing. If mountain climbing and bullfighting are tough sells for American sports fans, at least Hemingway would be gratified to see folks snapping up stock car-racing tickets and paraphernalia the way people buy space heaters in Alaska. Earlier this month, in the middle of this 10-month Nextel Cup season, a sellout crowd of 200,000 crammed the stands at Talladega, as is usually the case at the 35 other races. Leading the charge - both through the turnstiles and with the TV clicker - is a fan subset that seems, well, counterintuitive for such a He-Man sport: women. An ESPN Sports poll shows that 42 percent of racing fans are now female, and more women watch NASCAR on network TV than watch Major League Baseball or the NFL, Nielsen Media Research fo und in 2003. In fact, women 18 to 34, many of whom attend the races with children in tow, are the fastest-growing segment of NASCAR's TV fans.

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