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Will Big Sky Country turn blue?

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Jul 4, 2005
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"Tester to Burns: “Tell the Truth about Jack Abramoff Now
December 6th, 2005
Senate Candidate Demands Burns Finally Offer Accountability in Lobbying Scandal
(BIG SANDY, MT) – U.S. Senate candidate Jon Tester today demanded that Senator Burns finally come clean about his relationship with indicted lobbyist Jack Abramoff.
Tester’s call followed revelations today that Senator Burns met with Abramoff and his associates eight times in the period surrounding a questionable vote by Senator Burns.
Previously, Senator Burns said he only met with Jack Abramoff once and that the lobbyist asked for nothing.
Jon Tester issued the following statement:
“Jack Abramoff is at the epicenter of Washington corruption, and Conrad Burns’ story about his relationship with Abramoff is clearly beginning to unravel. Senator Conrad Burns needs to come clean on this issue to the people of Montana. He’s claimed he didn’t know Jack Abramoff. That’s clearly false. Montanans deserve to know what Conrad Burns is hiding – and what it’s costing Montana.”
BURNS MET WITH ABRAMOFF AND HIS TEAM AT LEAST EIGHT TIMES. “Sen. Conrad Burns and his staff met Jack Abramoff’s lobbying team on at least eight occasions and collected $12,000 in donations around the time that the lawmaker took legislative action favorable to Abramoff’s clients in the Northern Mariana Islands, records show.” [Associated Press, 12/06/2005]
BURNS POSITION ON LEGISLATION CHANGED FOLLOWING DONATION. “U.S. Sen. Conrad Burns took a stance in opposition to a bill in 2001 after he received a $5,000 donation from a Jack Abramoff client opposing the bill, records show.” [Lee State Bureau, 12/03/2005]
BURNS PREVIOUSLY CLAIMED HE HAD ONLY MET ABRAMOFF ONCE. “Burns says he met Abramoff only once for 10 minutes in his office, and the lobbyist asked for nothing.” [Bloomberg, 5/19/2005]



Dis--This is going to be a hot hot race this year- and I think Conrads time may be done...

I've always supported him and even sat and had a drink or two with him- called his office several times and even got to talk to him once when he was in...He has been pretty supportive of Montana ranchers...But now its looking like the D.C. modus operandi has caught up with him....

Its looking worse everyday for him--I know he's innocent until proven guilty, but the fact he supported an out of state Indian tribe, when he's been extremely critical, frugal, and unsupportive of his home states tribes leads me to believe their may be some truth in all of it.....

Conrad had a tough race in his last run against the now Governor- I'm not so sure that if things keep going the way they are, the best thing he can do for the Republicans is announce his retirement and let someone else jump into the race- maybe Congressman Rehberg.....


Disagreeable said:
What do you think of Tester?

Don't know that much about him-- but I'm sure in the year to come I will be hearing everything - good and bad- if he has any skeletons they will definitely come out of the closet...Conrad can be a powerful campaigner and has a huge warchest built already...Got a feeling this one could be nasty....

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