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Will Obama give GMC what they want.

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Feb 10, 2005
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GM Demands $1 Gas Tax Increase
June 7, 2011 by Steven 2 Comments

The government bailout of GM and Chrysler is going to cost taxpayers around $14 billion according to the Obama administration. This is just over half of the actual cost when you factor in the $13 billion or so in tax loss rollovers the companies were allowed to keep, arguably illegally, because of their bankruptcy. As a special thank you to taxpayers, GM’s CEO Dan Akerson wants to see the gas tax increased between 50 cents and $1. This, according to Akerson, will get American consumers to buy more fuel efficient vehicles. Such vehicles just happen to be available from GM and are heavily subsidized by the Federal government.

It’s bad enough that GM and Chrysler got sweetheart deals from the Federal government. It’s even worse that those deals were really made to the benefit of Obama’s union benefactors. Had GM and Chrysler not had massive amounts of union workers, you can bet the Obama administration would have let the companies die a normal death via bankruptcy. But to now have GM demanding tax increases that will benefit the sale of their horrible fuel efficient cars is simply outrageous. The Federal government is already subsidizing the profit of the horribly inefficient and undesirable Chevy Bolt, now GM wants taxpayers to be shifted into these cars via government taxation.

Will the Union bosses that actually run GMC and Obama get the Dems to tack on a dollar tax to already skyrocking gas prices to force people to buy the Bolt that is being built due to taxpayer money?

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