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Wind speed

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Faster horses

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Feb 11, 2005
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NE WY at the foot of the Big Horn mountains
Let's compare wind speed today. I just checked 'weather for farmers and ranchers' that is connected to this site. Our current wind speed is 28 mph, gusting to 35 mph.

Did the wind blow where you are today and how hard did it blow?

We missed a nice rain last night. It did rain north of us, so some got more moisture.

We miss out on some moisture, don't seem to miss out on the wind much. YUK!
You got us beat--wind blew all day-20 gusting to 30--Is starting to go down now---Last night 20 miles west got over and inch- 10 miles east got over an inch-- we got about 40 drops...I'm starting to know how rancher felt :(
it is always windy here in Kansas, especially during football season...that is because Nebraska sucks and Oklahoma blows !
Faster Horses, I don't have an official measurement but this morning the wind made my eyes run. Tonight however was beautiful, dead calm and I hated to come in! Does this spring seem terribly windy to everyone else or am I just less tolerant :?
TXTibbs - You are lucky living in Midland (no trees or hills to block your view). When you see that dust cloud about 40 miles NW of town, you know a front is coming your way.

There are some areas down there where the blowing sand will ruin the paint job on your car.
TXTibbs, are you north or south of Interstate 10?
And as far as being "lucky" to live in Midland....well I guess that depends on who says it. hahaha. It is nothing but dry, desert, sand, oil field and lizzards here. It isn't bad, but I can think of about 289,733 other places I'd rather live. But this is home for now....atleast for the next year or so. I wouldn't mind seeing a few hills either....I hate flat flat.....where I grew up was rugged river break country and was rather hilly.

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