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Winner - Country Scenes

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Feb 16, 2005
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South East Texas
Congratulations go to Clarencen!!! Really like this shot. Wish we were haying...

Thanks for the votes. That picture was copied from a slide. I took that picture years ago with a little old $25 Agfra 35 mm cameria and Kodachrome film. Thats a 60 John Deere with a Farmhand F11 loader. I have a couple of companian pictures taken at about the same time I may try to post sometime.
Big Muddy, That is a 38 ft homemade dump rake, Here's a picture.


[My Dad is on the tractor pulling the rake, 1971 was the last year he helped in the hay field, so that dates the picture.

I think I took this picture a few years earlier then the others. It is a double mower hitch and drive using 2 JD #5 mowers. I tried to get it on the other post, but I guess I don't now how.
Neat old pictures Clarence. I thought the double mower was relatively new with Rowse. I didn't know about JD making one before that.

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