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Feb 10, 2005
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Fridays are my favorite days. Enjoy the discussin' about cow breeds and cow dogs.

Juan mentioned Charley Russel paintings. Iv'e studied most of Ol' Charley's works and the one thing I've noticed is those cowboys never have any dogs with them and they don't ride mules. I think it's because in all them paintings those guys are all carring guns. Dogs and mules would never made it out of sight of the wagon. :? Just a thought.
i had some time to search around on the internet re: donkeys/mules. it was interesting--gaited mules ($5000.00 +), spotted mules, draft mules (go to missouri, i guess-where else!!).

there was an old cowboy i used to talk to every morning out in either MT or WY (see-i'm being careful with my states, fh :) ) who was big into mules until he got into a BIG wreck with a pair and a wagon, was busted up so bad that he barely made it, then retired and i think went down to florida. i wish i could remember his name-it'll come to me as soon as i start going to sleep tonight probably; some of you knew him, i'm sure. he was a sweetheart.

too bad we lose touch with people...

anyway, i've always been partial to anything with a horse part, including mules, think it'd be an experience to own one sometime..
I've owned acouple of long ears. One was alittle black spanish mule that would jump fences on command. Real cowy and a pleasure to ride just alittle small. :D :D The other was a nice sized sorrel out of a jumbo jack. Had a mouth like a rock and was a jack hammer to ride. :mad: I've broke several for other people. Some was good some not.
Soapweed is more of a mule man than I am. He even keeps one in the house.
saddletramp, you might want to watch yourself there talkin about soapweed' s roommates!

where i come from, mules were the best method of coon-hunting: they'd jump woven-wire fences in the dark following the hounds. my dad rode down the grand canyon on one, back in the late 40's probably--this a man who had had enough of horses once he left the farm and joined the army/air force. but he always said it was an unforgettable experience. nothing like a mule for NOT stumbling, right?

i don't even want to imagine a rock-jawed mule...it hurts me.
There is a real nice article in the new Western Horseman on mules.

The good horsemen I know, recognize that it takes a better man to train a mule than to train a horse. Most horses are forgiving, mules are not.

We were around a mule that could reach up with a hind foot and place it on top of his head right between his ears. (He did turn his head around just a little bit~)

Paul Greany at Drummond, Mt. had a beautiful mule out of a Thoroughbred mare. Gee, he was fancy looking and as I remember, stood close to 16 hands. Montana Mule Days are held at Drummond, Mt. in June of every year. They have a boatload of fun at that event!!

Speaking of Paul Greany, he has competed in Chariot Races for several years now. There was an article in the paper last week where he qualifed for and will be competing in the National Chariot Races in Idaho. What makes it kind of a big deal is the fact he is 79 years old!!!

I remember when he went to Bulldogging School at the age of 50!!
If he wanted to do something, he did it~never let a little age get in the way! He is a good guy and has a lot of fun. (Doesn't have grey hair yet, either!)
I always enjoyed mules. I've fed hay with them, farmed with them and tried not to ride them. I think their tendency to be more human than horses make them uncomfortable to most people. They can be the most cantankerous or the most friendly. I suppose it depend on their genetics and how they were handled by the people they were around. And yes, if you are trimming a mule's front foot, they can peel your stetson off your head and have it flat on the ground with their hind foot. But knowing a mule's temperment, they were probably just teasing. :wink:

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