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Xmas poem #2

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Feb 10, 2005
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Here's another one for the season........


From the south slope of a draw
We drug it in on ol’ Chaw.
Just a cedar tree that was more brown than green.

We pulled it into the shack
Propped it up by the deer rack.
Us three cowboys thought it was the best we had seen.

We was snowed in the feed camp.
Our feelings were getting’ damp.
Cause we sure weren’t getting out by Christmas Day.

Stuck here to feed the steers.
Didn’t do much for our season’s cheer
So we thought we’d do something special anyway.

So Johnny, Rusty and me
Set up this here Christmas tree.
I guess we was acting like a bunch of kids.

Rusty strung on his rawhide riata,
Red bandana’s instead of poinsettias.
Then we decorated it with a bunch of chew can lids.

Next we crowned our little fir
With our silver-inlaid spurs
And thought our little tree looked mighty nice.

But after supper we hit the hay
Cause even tho it’d be Christmas Day,
We’d have to feed, string cake and break some ice.

Christmas morning we were out the door
By noon we was done with chores.
So we was goin’ to kick back the rest of Christmas Day

When we stomped into that shack
The three of us was a takin’ back
Cause our little tree was corralled by quite a display.

Underneath those cedar boughs
Tho we didn’t know quite how
A big herd of Christmas gifts were stacked.

Right away we cut for sign
But not a clue could we find
We couldn’t even come up with a single track.

Next we accused one another
Cause we all three was sneaky buggers
But we never figgered out this Yuletide plot.

Finally we just gave a shrug.
We weren’t gonna hold no grudge.
We hunkered down to see just what we got.

Mercy sakes alive,
We all got new jack knives
And some of them real good wool socks.

There was red long johns with snaps
Johnny got a new winter cap.
And Rusty got himself a pocket watch.

A big bag of peanuts in the shell.
We got new bridle reins as well.
And we each got a brand new deck of cards.

We sure felt like we was winners
As we sat down to cow camp dinner.
And we wished each other “Merry Christmas, Pards”

As we sat around the stove
Cards were played and stories told
Of other Christmas’s when we were lads.

We shared thoughts we had back then
Of family and friends.
Turkey dinners, Santa, and memories we had.

So we joked and shot the bull,
Shucked peanuts till we were full
And ‘lowed we had the best tree on the range.

And maybe there was a Saint Nick
Who pulled that little trick
Some things even us smart fellas can’t explain.

Finally we hunted up our beds
Thankful of the cowboy life we led.
That was sure some Christmas we agreed.

And as the Coleman cooled to embers,
The thing that I’ll remember.
Was the magic of that south slope cedar tree.

by Saddletramp 2003


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Feb 14, 2005
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we were wondering where you went. that was worth the wait. Good un. :lol:


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Sep 24, 2005
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east of dad's old place.
I was wondering when youwould get around to putting this one on here. It was great to hear it at the Bowering Ranch christmas party. You know folks, he told us that he whipped this one up only 3 days before that night. It is a dandy!!! :roll: :!: :wink: :lol:

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