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Yeast in Riomax Lick tubs

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May 2, 2005
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SW Saskatchewan
For the last year I have used Riomax MIneral Lick tubs and have been pleased with the results. Consumption has been exactly where expected. This year Riomax has a new tub available that contains yeast with the same mineral and vitamin content. They are making claims about improved digestion, better immune response etc. Does anyone have any experience with yeast in lick tubs (or other supplements)? Good idea? Benefits? Cost is about $20 more per tub.
Our Vigortone mineral all contains yeast culture and for good reason.
And the company only uses yeast culture from Diamond V Mills.
Not all yeast culture is created equal. It's my feeling that
Diamond D yeast culture is one of the most important
ingredients in a supplement.

I got this off a website I found:
It improves digestion, muscle weight gain, litter weights, milk production, conditioning, and even survivability in all the various animals it's been tried on.

Diamond V has been producing yeast culture for over 60
years. They are the leaders in the field.

Hope this helps!
The only experience I have with yeast is in our dairy herd and yes it does increase consumption and digestality. We feed it to help out our butter fat and protein in the milk I do know that it is fairly expensive feed. If the other is cheaper and did what you wanted it to do than I would stick with it and not change. Just my opinion
The jury is still out on the cost effectiveness of feeding yeast. Some studies show a minimum of a difference and some show none.

More research is needed before I'm sold on it.

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