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Ranchers.net's Bull Session
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Ranch Talk ? Re: The truck bickering can stop
Were we bickering? I thought it was a lively discussion.

We never thought we would have black. We have black.

Good luck with your new wheels! Sorry about the hail damage to your other one.

Ranch Talk ? The truck bickering can stop

I picked up a 2012 Ram 3500 Heavy duty Cummins with a 6 speed manual with a exhaust brake. So far I like the truck but do need tires, windshields and a hitch. I pulled a bumper pull camper most of ...

Ranch Talk ? Re: Pardon......
Make liberals cry again!!!

Coffee Shop ? Re: Daily Bible reading
Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Isaiah 7: 1 - 9
In the days of Ahaz, king of Judah, son of Jotham, son of uzziah, Rezin, king of Aram, and Pekah, king of Israel, son of Remaliah, went up to attack Jerusal...

Ranch Talk ? Re: fire
so sorry there Leaning H ,yeah we getting your smoke clear up here in NE Wyo. very glad it got put out here as fast as it did...

Ranch Talk ? Re: automatic or standard
Our 2010 did that same thing. The 2016 is much better, but Mr. FH says it still could be improved on.

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Many cattle producers are changing their calving season to late spring/early summer instead of late winter, to get away from labor-intensive calving during cold weather.

One of the questions that I hear the most concerning castration is; when should I castrate my calves Doc?

Horn flies are little bugs that can cause big trouble for beef producers. Wet and mild conditions this spring made for ideal breeding conditions for horn flies and, as temperatures rose in May, the...

Peruse the genetic evaluation of any widely-used beef breed today. Genetic progress over time, for some traits, is nothing short of remarkable.

I've been in some form of the auction business for 45 years and have viewed auctions from all perspectives, from buyer, consignor, ring man, auctioneer, clerk, sale manager, etc. So I speak from so...

The Deep South Brahman Association held its Annual Brahman & F-1 Sale at Meridian Livestock, Inc. in Meridian, Mississippi on April 21, 2018.




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