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Coffee Shop ? Re: Daily Bible reading
Thursday, May 24, 2018
James 5: 1 - 6
As for you, you rich, weep and wail over your impending miseries. Your wealth has rotted, your fine wardrobe has grown moth-eaten, your gold and silver hav...

Coffee Shop ? Re: Share a Tune

Ranch Talk ? Hey Pure Country
Not sure if you still lurk here, but it seems to me you moved down to the Kettle River area and wondering if you are keeping dry. Listening to the news it sounds pretty bad down there.

Ranch Talk ? 2019 GM half ton to come standard with a 4 banger
But it does make 310 horses. Not like I'll be getting one.

http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2018/05/ho ... liter.html

Coffee Shop ? Re: Mustang Pictures--------------
Some really nice horses there! The blue roan is pretty thick and feeding a nice colt. The lil stud colt needs some filling out!

Ranch Talk ? Re: Pretty quiet
redrobin wrote:
Sounds good. Do you use barley?
It'd take a thousand head to cheapen them up to a break even. Lol

They got chopped hay, 5 lbs barley and 3 lbs screenings pellets.

You don't have to ga...

The "Get Together" in Deadwood Photo Gallery

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Green grass and balmy spring weather greeted the crowd on hand to participate in their annual Spring Bull Sale in Wiggins, Miss. Fifty-nine buyers from five states found the well conditioned bulls ...

Consolidation — and concentration, in some cases — continues in agriculture, due in part to both specialization and the alarming fact that there's lots less agricultural land remaining than many su...

Many factors play a role in fertility and breeding ability in bulls, including semen quality, soundness, desire to breed cows, etc.

This time of the year most of us are beginning to enjoy warmer temperatures and green pastures. Very few people woke up this morning thinking about drought. That topic won't enter our minds for ano...

Beef heifers experience calving difficulty, or dystocia, more frequently than do mature cows.

High tech has destroyed businesses, turned Main Street into a ghost town, and driven your Fed Ex and UPS delivery person to sheer exhaustion. Forget the mall, Americans are shopping on their cell p...




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