CRSB wins award

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CRSB wins award

Post by Big Muddy rancher » Thu Mar 21, 2019 9:26 pm

Dear CRSB members,

Each year the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association (CCA) awards a Beef Industry Innovation & Sustainability Award (BIISA) to an individual, industry stakeholder, value chain member or organization for their outstanding commitment to the sustainability and innovation of Canada’s beef industry.

The work of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef has been monumental in firmly establishing Canada as a global leader in sustainable agriculture production. To acknowledge the importance of the past and future work of the CRSB the CCA selected the Founding Members and Council of the CRSB as recipients of the 2019 BIISA.

The award was presented by Bob Lowe, Vice President of the CCA during a reception as part of the Canadian Cattlemen's Association Annual General Meeting last night in Ottawa. Accepting the award on behalf of the CRSB's founding Council and membership were CRSB Chair Anne Wasko, and Tim Hardman - Beef Director with World Wildlife Fund US, one of CRSB's founding members.

Bob Lowe, one of the founding members of the CRSB Council, noted that the alignment of beef producers, food retailers, conservation groups and other value chain members in the development of the CRSB legitimizes sustainable beef production in the public eye and underpins producers’ social license to operate. “It also ensured producer priorities were included from the outset and reinforced later in the Certified Sustainable Beef Framework” he said. Today, in part as a result of the CRSB, Canada is recognized as a world leader in sustainability to overcome barriers to achieve a greater good, added Lowe.

Anne Wasko noted that the success of the multi-stakeholder membership that has come together to define and develop a robust framework for advancing sustainability in the Canadian beef industry, is a testament to the dedication and commitment of over 110 individuals and organizations. The global leadership that Canada has shown over the past four years demonstrates Canada’s commitment to continuous improvement, the ability for diverse perspectives to come together towards a common goal, and the CRSB is the gold standard for showing how stakeholders can work together for the advancement of a diverse industry.

We are truly honoured to be recognized, and thank all of your for your contribution over the last few years in helping the CRSB accomplish all we have already towards sustainability for the Canadian Beef Industry - we couldn't have done it without you!

It was great to see a number of founding and current members of the CRSB in attendance for the award presentation.

Please find below a link to a CRSB news release celebrating the award, as well as CCA's news release announcing CRSB as the award recipient.

We invite you to share in your communication channels to show your contribution.

I had over an hour long conversation with WWF's Tim Hardman the other night about the WWF issuses on the Bussfeed article and the Logging in the Congo.He didn't know much about the Congo one but WWF was looking for a third party to investigate the Buzzfeed Militia police killings.
He is a Kansas boy that has been involved in the cattle business most of his professional career. Spent a couple years running a Cargill patty plant making burger patties for McDonalds before joining WWF. He acknowlegde the past of WWF but feels with their focus on North American grassland they are now recognizing the importance of cattle on the ground. He still runs into some in the organization that don't understand the importance grazing does in the rejuvination process of Grassland but feels they are making head way in educating the WWF.

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Re: CRSB wins award

Post by graybull » Sat Mar 23, 2019 10:56 am

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