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    Livestock Markets

    The place to search your favorite local livestock market...... [b]www.livestockmarkets.com[/b]Additional local livestock markets are subscribing each week........ BEEF Magazine has come on board to help in promoting our local "brick and mortar" livestock markets...
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    Sad Weekend

    You need a mini aussie www.cattleco.com We had a Corgi a few years ago...nice horse herding dog. He got in a fight with a Goodyear Tire....he lost. He was a great dog! Love these Mini Aussies......We have shipped them from border to border. Really good herding bloodlines, but most of the pups...
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    Attention Obama Supporters: How 'bout this?

    Great Idea SSAP! Let Barack and Michelle give them government housing! :wink: We have a complete liar in the White House now and the people he appointed are no better. Sec of Ag ..Secretary Vaseline is going to screw us to the wall in Agriculture! Anybody in Farming and Ranching that voted...
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    Fire in Miles City right now

    :cowboy: A bar, church, saddle shop, and a livestock market...........what else does America need?
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    Red Meat: Kills?

    "Sound science was not invented by USDA, nor does USDA own the concept. " Well we have Sec of Ag Vaseline in charge :roll: We will have a National ID program...it will be totally screwed up! We will see the bottom fall out of the food animal business and it will have nothing to do with the...
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    New Zealand Model, Subsidies.

    Our moron President wants to eliminate farm subsidies on "Big Farms" grossing 500,000................give me a break. Gross sales of $500,000 @ year is a small family farm today! You can gross over $100,000 with 100 acres of corn and 100 acres of soybeasn! Is a 200 acres farm a "Big Farm"? This...
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    Full traceback coming because of too many Recalls

    Hearing will examine progress made by the program. (3/10/2009) Jason Vance On Wednesday the House Agriculture Subcommittee on Livestock, Dairy, and Poultry will hold a public hearing the National Animal Identification System. USDA has received over $100 million dollars since the program was...
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    Full traceback coming because of too many Recalls

    WASHINGTON - The food industry must drop any remaining opposition to electronic record-keeping and back an effective system for tracing contaminated food to its source, a lawmaker investigating food safety said Friday. "It is my hope that the food industry will drop its opposition to these...
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    Future is in Agriculture

    If I were a city person, I would buy a small 5-10 acre deal that had water holding capacity( a ravine) and learn to plant a garden, shoot a deer and process it, and have a place to go when this whole deal goes to Hell I can feed my family! :wink:
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    Pickens has plan for all horses

    BLM rejects Mrs.Pickens Plan...........at least the BLM has some "horse sense"!!!! It was a joke from day one! :roll:
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    Pickens has plan for all horses

    Mrs Pickens, and HSUS Terrorist Wayne Pacelle met before a DC committee today.................seems Obama is cutting the write offs that she and Boone were banking on!! What a joke she is! I hear the BLM can put them down or sell them without restrictions.... it is time to ship them to Canada...
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    Good dog

    I have a female Kelpie from Ledgerock Kennels......great dog! A Kelpie won Red Bluff this year! :wink:
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    Agriculture Competition Enhancement Act of 2007

    ABERDEEN, S.D. – The developer of a new, $40 million Northern Beef Packers packing plant being built just south of Aberdeen is optimistic it will open in August or September of 2009, according to The Associated Press. Dennis Hellwig said the plant will initially process 200 to 300 head of cattle...
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    Rich Dairy Farmers

    When the dairy business suffer, all of animal agriculture will suffer. The beef cattle industry is going to get their dose of this in 2010 along with the grain farmers. Cheap Corn.....Cheap Cattle. It is going to get real ugly in agriculture. Hold on to the rope! :(
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    More mustang news from Utah

    Rumensin pellets........I don't care who you are...that's FUNNY! :lol: