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    Windmill Questions (pics added)

    Doesn't look like the link worked, but the book is "Windmills and Pumps of the Soutwest" by Dick Hays.
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    Windmill Questions (pics added)

    https://aermotorwindmill.com/products/windmills-and-pumps-of-the-southwest#:~:text=Windmills%20and%20Pumps%20of%20the%20Southwst%20Book%20was,of%20interest%20to%20the%20fan%20of%20western%20Americana. This is a good book with good illustrations and photos. Written by a windmiller and well man. A...
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    Wilford Brimley

    I heard a little while ago that Wilford Brimley passed away this weekend. He and Richard Farnsworth were two of my favorites. Adios, Mr. Brimley, God speed.
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    FROM OUT OF THE MOUTHS OF BABES, by Steve Moreland, February 20, 2020

    I'm glad we had a visit to Sparky's world famous welding shop a few years back. I cain't imagine it as something else. I hope it doesn't turn into some kind of uppity artsy fartsy boutique. ; )-
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    Older posts/videos.

    Thanks a million, Texan. I got it, now. I looked on youtube, just didn't have the title correct. Now I can brighten my daufhter's day.
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    Older posts/videos.

    I wish it were a lot easier to look up old posts; I was trying to find the video of Soapweed's grandson trying to haul a cat in his little tike truck. It was hilarious. I want to show it to my daughter.
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    grandpa babysitting

    I bet that boy's gonna grow up to be a NASCAR driver. ; )-
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    Putting down an old mare, or thinking about it.

    Thanks, H. I agree it's better to've loved (a horse) and lost than never to have loved at all.
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    Putting down an old mare, or thinking about it.

    Jodywy, that tail is a fine tribute I bet the old hoss would gladly have given. I am sorry you lost your son. I nearly lost mine.
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    Putting down an old mare, or thinking about it.

    Thanks FH and Jodywy. It's done. She didn't suffer . She's buried next to my old mare, now. She hurt for way too long. She was getting worse so it was probably past time to do it. I appreciate the help.
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    Putting down an old mare, or thinking about it.

    I've been keeping a Paso Fino mare for my sister in law for several years. She was stress foundered before she got her , it was kind of s rescue. My brother and her moved to SD years back and they planned on taking her but she couldn't have made the trip so I continued to keep her for them and...
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    Pictures from our visit to the McGinnis Ranch near Baker City, Oregon - June 26, 2019

    Been awhile since I was on Ranchers. Very nice trip it looks like. Soapweed, good to see you with your legs under you.
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    Angel Flight: Have a Meaningful Memorial Day

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    Angel Flight