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  1. DustDevil

    Poem I wrote about putting in a trough

    Dang fine story, H; with rhyme and meter thrown in, too.
  2. DustDevil

    Edge of Town Backyard Ranching

    They got here in the Great Flood, no doubt. Same Sycamores in Israel, Portugal, Texas, etc.
  3. DustDevil

    My Dad is gone

    Sorry you've got to continue on without him. Take comfort in knowing it's only for awhile, thanks to our Saviour.
  4. DustDevil

    Our turn

    Keep an eye on your oxygen, i was down to about 67 when the meat wagon came and picked me up and they had to get me out of afib before we left the driveway. I told them I wasn't telling afib. Not really, i wish i'd thought of it then. Hang tuff. Prayers.
  5. DustDevil

    The USA Big W's Return to my Backside

    I had a pair of brown Wrangler cowboy cuts that didn't fit me anymore due to my nutritional intake. They were USA made from the 80s and I was saving them for my son to grow in to. My daughter found them and cut them up and made some kinda purse or bag out of them. Broke my heart.
  6. DustDevil

    Prayers for Soapweed

    All true, H.
  7. DustDevil

    Prayers for Soapweed

    So many of us share the same sentiment.
  8. DustDevil

    Prayers for Soapweed

    I guess I'll have wait till after I finally see my Saviour face to face to meet Soapweed in person. I wouldn't mind if I bumped into Soap, first. I feel a loss like I lost a close friend, after all, I think when you read his writings, you had met him, just not he, you. He " Never metaphor he...
  9. DustDevil

    Prayers needed

    'Praying for you, Soapweed. God and the doctors and nurses saved my life from it. God is GOOD. Jesus is the Great Physician.
  10. DustDevil

    Prayers for Soapweed

    I've been out of touch for a while. I only know Mr. Moreland from Ranchers but I consider him a friend, I met Sparky once in person. Is it Covid ? I'll sure pray for him. God is GOOD. I've been home from the hosp from it a week, today. I almost died. I cain't say it enuff, GOD IS GOOD ! ( When I...
  11. DustDevil

    Horse's Pupil

    I meant to say, she had recently had a colt pulled off her before I got her. She was real poor.
  12. DustDevil

    Horse's Pupil

    I've wondered myself. It looks like the iris is continuing to grow down into the pupil, kinda like stalactites. My old mare had the same thing going on.
  13. DustDevil

    Horse's Pupil

    Yessir, reminds me a little of Soapweed's "Goose" .
  14. DustDevil

    Horse's Pupil

  15. DustDevil

    Horse's Pupil

    No Ma'am, she' just a little underworked and overfed. She was 6 when I got her and recently had a colt pulled off her. I can't remember right now but I've had her at least 6 more years.