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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Mr. FH just mentioned he can't remember the wind ever blowing this hard for this long. We live in the banana belt of WY and it doesn't usually blow much....but it certainly has this winter. He says the wind makes the weather.
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    Love the shape they are in and their haircoats! Cattle haircoats shouldn't be dull even in winter, and your photos proved it!!
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Today is nasty outside. Wind and snow. Winter has finally arrived. 29 degrees. Blowing snow. YUK.
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    Mustang Pictures

    Where are the 'do-gooders' to take care of them? This upsets me. BMR is right, probably will get worse before it gets better. What if there is no snow to lick?
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    FW Student with Questions for Cattle Ranchers

    Government people that don't know, telling us what they don't know. Rancher friend had BLM, (that's Bureau of Land Management for those who don't know) employee come to his remote ranch to measure the grass. There had been a fire through there recently and the rancher told him, "there is no...
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    Nebraska Sandhill

    I've wondered about that documentary. Thanks for your review.
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    First generation

    Fences don't stop them. Need to be tall and very strong.
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    Mustang Pictures

    Then the next question is....who took the photo of the old guy who has a phobia for chasing mustangs with a camera? :);)🤠
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    Biden bribing GA voters in broad daylight

    He must be getting nervous. And Kamala hasn't resigned her Senate seat yet either. Biden singled out COVID-19 relief as a major reason for Georgians to elect Warnock and Ossoff. “If you send Jon and the reverend to Washington, those $2,000 checks will go out the door, restoring hope and decency...
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    Mustang Pictures

    They sure are twins.......even if they aren't. Who is the person photographing them? Like BMR, I wonder about the little twin. And now what will the future hold for the big twin since he has been rounded up. Thanks for the pictures, always!
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    Hello from Modoc Co. Calif.

    Thank you for your service and GOOD LUCK! Not many posters on here any more, but if you have a question, feel free to ask it. Lots of wisdom here still and we tend to try to be very helpful.
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    Above average temperatures here and below average moisture. Best time to have a drought is in winter. It should get to high 40's today and reach 50 tomorrow. It was 16 degrees when we got up this morning. The days are getting longer bit by bit.
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    2020 was good to me

    Congratulations to Webfoot, Big Muddy and redrobin! We have one grandson and he and his wife have 2 kids, born a year apart. They are a lot of fun and it's amazing how different kids personalities are. The 20 month old little girl, Mr. FH calls "the gymnast". She's very petite, busy and she is...
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    New Year- Here's to Hope

    AMEN, 'H. Thanks. Happy New Year to all.
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    AWWW. What a handsome dog!! And he has such an original name. :LOL: Thanks for the photos, I bet he is a good one. Friend of ours in SE Mt has some good ones for sale if any one is interested, from a proven cross.