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    What's the weather like at your place?

    I did not do that this winter........ Yet.....
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    And the heifer calves
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    Are doing well under Debbie’s care. ( Did I have any doubts? Coming twos and threes Mature cows at Morrison Meadow Mature cows at home.
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    Doing good. Some walking, a little exercise, a little cooking, a little cleaning, keeping the goodies to a minimum, touring a bit and having a whiskey before I go to bed!
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    2020 was good to me

    Happy for you Redrobin! Lots of good things happened for us in 20 also.
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    It's been a loooong winter

    Thank you!
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    Big Muddy

    Searched for the thread that you had of your Christmas Coyote Hitch. Didn’t find it You still have some of those in your collection?
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    Merry Christmas

    That’s Right!
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    Merry Christmas!
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    Merry Christmas

    Took a little drive and saw cows that I haven’t seen for nearly a month. Debbie and her helper have been looking after them well Would like to wish family and friends a very Merry Christmas.
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    Merry Covid Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all. I understand that Realtors can still show your house so we may have a couple here on the 25th
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    Best Therapy

    Got home last night after having been away since Nov. 30 for a new hip. Walking with a cane outside now and nothing inside. Hiked up to the barn and corrals this morning... all of close to a 1/2 mile! Went for a ride in the pellet truck to feed calves and one bunch of cows at home. Cattle look...
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    National finals rodeo

    I found the judging to be quite ............. especially in the bareback and some flagging in the TR. Even the announcers were commenting on the inconsistencies.
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    Had a sale...

    You know me too well!
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    A pretty heifer

    Deep and good H.