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    Beef Producers Castration Survey

    My only hope concerning the Burdizzo contraption is that the inventor used them on himself, they actually worked and he did not multiply. They have made more stags and lost more money for producers who bought them thinking they were the cat’s meow. Neighbor here used them for years and had up to...
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    Bear is for compost, beef for consumption.
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    On the road

    You have to be able to count to four first…………..
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    On the road

    Hope for you to be a real rancher yet H…….
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    Finished cutting yesterday. Last spot was too wet for today. Bale and wrap tomorrow and Thursday. Crew can fence and farm while I play cowboy.
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    Hay Maker and Mountain Cowgirl

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    Snow will be flying soon JS, you better wait for it to be gone next July!
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    Wyoming Information Needed

    You would still likely end up paying bad check charges for both ends. You know the saying…. Don’t drop that cheque, we don’t want it to bounce twice!
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    Wyoming Information Needed

    I have two autographed $20 bills I won in a bet from a couple of very shrewd cattlemen in a pool guessing the sale average on a 400 bull sale. Having a many time world champion roper planning a fishing and visiting trip here before an untimely stroke took his life. Having had several years of...
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    Wyoming Information Needed

    Thinking the neighbor’s will be celebrating for several days in this instance.
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    Thoughts on buying used tractors

    Case…… hard no.
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    Sold our swamp rats today.

    Baler make it back in one piece?
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    Sold our swamp rats today.

    Our dollar yesterday was about 79 cents US
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    Late summer on the desert

    Yep…… HERE ELK…. HERE ELK…
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    Sold our swamp rats today.

    Same buyer bought them all for one feedlot.