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    Iran Deal Breaker?

    There's between $120-150 Billion in locked accounts. As soon as the sanctions are lifted obama's corporate buddies will be able to sell weapons, or components to Iran. Russia has already started...
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    WhiteWing, I need your immediate assistance.

    PM me ASAP. Marketing opportunity...
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    Junior Varsity Camp

    Barry loves it when a plan comes together...heard Russia is now shipping missiles to Iran since Barry's lifting of sanctions...I wonder what will happen with his welcoming of N. Korea and Russia to Cuba...
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    Donald Trump for president ??

    The "left" advocates for the Constitution...let them vote for those that mention the Constitution. What do you want to bet Clinton doesn't mention it at all? So, I trust they will vote for Cruz...
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    Cop Shoots Man

    unfortunately, the "bias" results in hesitation and then further bad decisions. Maybe more emphasis should be put on the actions of "perps" instead of the colour of their skin...
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    Title This Video

    "Polite clerk holds door open and adjusts mask, so perp can catch his breath"
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    100,000 Muslims Per Year Coming To America

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    video: Christian asks gay bakeries to bake a cake...

    NSFW, due to the language and hatred the bakeries spew... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJaroR_qTNs
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    Buckwheat Admin Against Beef In Diet

    Maybe Muslims will be able to use an RFRA, like Indiana's, to argue for Halal meats in school lunches...
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    Buckwheat Admin Against Beef In Diet

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    Most Americans Against Gay Marriage

    "No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service" is a choice, not the way you were born.... Hey wait...what?
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    Terms Of Iran Agreement

    "The One" already has his Nobel, this one was for the "Lurch", or "mashed potato face" as Levin likes to call him...
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    Most Americans Against Gay Marriage

    I also think "gay owned" wedding businesses should be allowed to refuse Christian services...just the same as a kosher restaurant can refuse to serve pork.
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    Terms Of Iran Agreement

    Oh, they have agreed have they? And no doubt will follow it to the letter. http://freebeacon.com/national-security/iran-accuses-u-s-of-lying-about-new-nuke-agreement/
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    Canadian Politics - The US Way?

    The problem is that Barry had an 80% disapproval rating in Israel, while a bit above 50% approval rating in Canada. His meddling will be more effective in Canada.