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    I've got Cheviots- and started mine from a flock up the road. He does nothing- and I mean nothing for those sheep and they consistently deliver twins, and no help is needed. Cheviots were bred and developed to be plunked in the border hills and left, and brought in when the lambs were to go to...
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    RA I LOVE your pics... and your eclectic assortment of animals- where are you? If I am ever out your way I sure would love to call and arrange a visit.. and a cuddle with those kids!
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    Becoming a ranch hand

    It depends on your finances. Internships typically do not pay well. You would do very well looking at the ranch jobs offered out west, and jump in with both boots on. This world moves very fast these days. Get experience and along the way get your education if you still want to do that. The...
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    Becoming a ranch hand

    Believe it or not, NY state is not all NY city. There is a whole LOT of farm land still in use.
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    Becoming a ranch hand

    I can offer you some work at my place- I have sheep, and have a lot of fence work and other livestock related work to do. If you want to learn how to fence, proper care of sheep, and handling, let me know. I am in Rhinebeck NY, and would be happy to have a motivated person who wants a future...
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    Obamacare roast

    Just saw this this morning, had to share. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NRP8Do-IyRU
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    Terrible early October 2013 blizzard

    Is there a place I can donate some $ to help out?
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    Oh no!!! Not good. Hope he recovers swiftly. Please keep us posted.
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    Ranch pictures 9-5-2015

    Nice sheep there, well done!
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    Been Busy as of late a few pics to share

    Great pics! Love that old tractor- and the hot walker swing set- that is just inspired! Love her little bike with the basket, and last but not least, loved the Border Collies!
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    I am still alive no head stone for me.

    I am so sorry. Must be tough, very tough and I guess you have to do what your heart tells you to. Stay strong, have faith.
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    Gathered and loaded steers

    Mighty fine view that- the back end of a loaded trailer...
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    he's a hero :)

    I suppose I should have added more here... This is at a Rodeo in one of the Dakotas. One of the Rodeo bulls got loose, and a lone cowboy on a grey horse went out into the fair to get him and in a little bit, here you see the cowboy who had lassoed the bull, bring him back into the Rodeo arena...
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    he's a hero :)

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    only one lamb ate

    The rhetoric out there, making Wolves seem so dog-like and cuddly and they "only rarely kill livestock" has been pushed hard. Also, this business of only killing to eat is balderdash too. This needs to be publicized vehemently. Friend of mine just lost some sheep to Coyotes, but at least...