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    My sheep dogs

    I am getting another pup since Tators passed. With her I started her on some fat Longhorns. Don't have any of them now so how do I start a new pup? Only 8 weeks old so I have time to get the basics instilled maybe.
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    Cow Camps

    Be interesting to know if it still exists since Turner bought it. I know they did some trading with Kimes and Kimes may have ended up with the camp. Shane took me around there once, but I kinda forgot where we were, and was in amazement as to what all was out there.
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    Success with Stockdogs Workshops

    I would be interested in attending. Late fall early winter would probably work best for me. I am somewhat self taught. My dog knows what I want but its fro LOTS of time spent together. She is a Border Collie/Hangin Tree. Guess I would like to know and see how to start a different dog. Mine...
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    How'd calving go?

    This is the third generation of ranchers. Run over 1000 head of Hereford momma cows. Feed everything out. Don't get the cull cows shipped until they are so fat they can't get up the loading chute. Quite the place for sure!
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    How'd calving go?

    They are on irritated Brome and Triticale. Way over fed for calving, in my opinion. Be a great way to get them to cycle though. They don't feed salt or mineral, and we lost 3 really NICE heifers the second day on the Triticale. Never been around a place with so much potential wasted!
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    How'd calving go?

    This place is just now starting to calve. I always thought I wanted to calve May and June, but these Herefords are fight Mastitis so bad from over milk production, I am not so sure now.
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    Some of My Early Cowboying Experiences, by Steve Moreland, February 8, 2016

    Are you going to put all these stories on paper? I want a copy of the book if you do!
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    HORSEBACK ON LOTS OF HILLS By Steve Moreland, May 6, 2017

    Thanks Soap!!! What an amazing story.
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    Ranching "Rule of Thumb"

    :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree: :agree:
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    Chute, There It Goes—by Steve Moreland, April 9, 2017

    That is why now days we back over the chain!!! I have seen the chute start to move when we had one chained to the axle, but lots of hollering and arm waving got the driver stopped. The old truck drivers amaze me, in being able to back up to a chute with a center load gate!! I unloaded a couple...
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    Fence Post's

    I use 2 inch double barbed Staples put in at an angle to the wire and post. These posts come out of South Dakota I think. Spiral crack and spit staples out bad!! When I was on the river, they would rot off within 5 years. They​ had a 10 year guarantee, but it still sucks resetting posts!
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    Fence Post's

    If you don't mind replacing staples every other year and posts every 5 years, use the green ones. Otherwise stay with either the creosote or hedge!! I HATE GREEN treated posts.
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    Opinions on Make/Model Truck/4 Wheeler

    I have had Gators, and if you HAVE the MONEY, a side by side is the way to go, but... I always laughed at people that talked about their power steering on quads. I got this Rancher in January, and it turned over 1,000 miles yesterday. My shoulders don't ache near like they did with the other...
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    Opinions on Make/Model Truck/4 Wheeler

    I would recommend a Honda Rancher. Manual shift with power steering. New about 5 grand. I will sell you a 2003 Chevy 3/4 ton. :)
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    Early March 2017

    Did you buy a hat from Gary? We need to get by there and get a couple cleaned.