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    Hey, Soap!

    Just saw a story on Fakebook that claimed that electric cars lose a considerable amount of range in cold weather. Gee, really? Whether they like it, or whether they don't like it, they will never be able to get away from fossil fuels to generate power or for transportation.
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    Hey, Soap!

    When I head to Louisiana, it's hard not to notice the seemingly thousands of them along I-35 in southern Kansas, northern Oklahoma, and then in the beautiful Arbuckle Mountains in southern Oklahoma. All I do is just shake my head. Last trip back here, just a couple weeks ago, most all of the...
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    Hey, Soap!

    Hey, Soap! I wanted to pass this tidbit along to you, but the Facebook crowd can get their panties in a wad quite easily, and I thought the audience here might be a tad more sympathetic. I got a flyer in the mail today from a local land broker, which isn't uncommon. I'm not looking for anymore...
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    Ready to take a hammer to it......

    For the most reliable appliances, check with your closest rent to own joint and see what brands they are carrying. They "should" be the most trouble free, since those places aren't really wanting to get a rental repaired every little whipstitch. Hard for them to make any $ that way. Merry...
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    Cactus Bowl

    Looks like Frost and UCF had the last laugh on Auburn. UCF was the ONLY team to have an undefeated season in 2017. Whether you want to admit it or not, good things are happening in Lincoln...in recruiting, the weight room, with the players attitudes and buy in, and the fan base. We have the...
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    Hucksters & Ranked Teams

    Fig can always quit, since he doesn't feel safe. Myself, I wouldn't feel safe appearing in public wearing a Pimps N Hos hat like Fig does. Word is Cethan Carter is back. TOSU better have their hammer cocked, cause there's some Blackshirts gonna be ready to throw the bones. I'd imagine that...
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    Hucksters & Ranked Teams

    Yup, just like your boy Fig folds every Sunday. Only the Huskers aren't out crying that they don't feel safe.
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    Poor Fig

    Now Fig, with his Pimps & Hos lid, "doesn't feel safe out there" thanks to the refs. Superman doesn't feel safe. Superman doesn't have an O line.
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    Hucksters & Ranked Teams

    Says the guy with a perpetual erection for a deceased Husker who hadn't played in Lincoln for over 20 years. THAT'S nails on a chalkboard, 2.0. Riley has done more for the program right now, today, than Bo did during his entire tenure. This team doesn't fold like a cheap suit when the going...
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    Hucksters & Ranked Teams

    We didn't make it easy for them, we didn't lay down like Bo's teams did, and we're still in the top 10 in the coach's & AP polls. And just like Texass needed an extra second put back on the clock, Wisky got some help from the refs.
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    What would you do???????

    Exactly. Make the SOB pay.
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    Kansas State Must Be Commended

    Years in advance, as a rule.
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    Hillary Demands For The FBI

    Soon found on Comey's nightstand......a copy of "Suicide For Dummies".
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    Kansas State Must Be Commended

    So somehow it's the Huskers fault that Oregon is now 2-5? Maybe the NCAA should hire you to set up schedules for all Division 1 teams, since you obviously have a crystal ball and know what teams will be relevant years in advance. We can only play who's on the schedule. If that's not enough...
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    Hucksters Protested During Anthem?

    You don't know squat about Hal. Better let this one alone.