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    Have I been hacked?

    If you go to ''how to post a picture'' it indicates that you can use this site instead of an outside source.
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    April 28 and 29, 2013

    Love to see the old pictures again. It does seem strange to not have all of the Grand-kids helping Peach. :kid:
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    Early April 2017

    Thank you so much for the pictures, Grand kids and windmills make a good start to my week!
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    Been away a long time

    I liked the picture of him when the calf was stuck in the round bales in the bale yard. He suited up with the kids hockey face mask and guards, so he could wade in the crack to get the calf!
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    Been away a long time

    I often wonder about his family also. He was always up for the scrap when he was fighting cancer and I do not think you could find anyone prouder of his family.
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    Hey Soapweed

    I would second that request, and I would like a windmill picture for desert!
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    Yak Traks

    There are several companies that make something similar to slip over your boots. Browse the ice-fishing section at the sports store and they can be found. Here in the Midwest they usually order only one time for ice-fishing equipment, so they should be purchased early.
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    Subway to cut antibiocs in its meats

    It is all ''perception''. From your thread title, I was curious when they started using antibiotics in the first place. It is against the law to have it in the meat, so I wonder if the new supplier will break the law also? This is like cereal makers posting labels that they are using non GMO oats!
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    November 2015

    Soap thank you so much for the pictures of the kids and cattle. I hope you all have a wonderful new-year!
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    Feeder market sure dropped this week.

    These huge fed cattle that are coming to slaughter are putting a lot of extra beef into a weak market! When the feeders get current the market should stabilize a little.
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    A River Runs Through It (or at least a small creek)

    Thanks for the ride Soapweed. I always enjoy going along on a ride with you.
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    Mid April 2015

    Soap in my part of the Midwest, those calves were worth over $500 a head this spring. In another year or so two have a granddaughter that can take over on raising those calves! That wonderful crew of yours is really blossoming this spring!
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    Mid April 2015

    Soap probably bought those calves so Peach would have something to do in her spare time! :lol:
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    How`s your weather today?

    March first brought us a foot of snow! Chance of ice tonight and rain tomorrow. It could be interesting if it rains enough to melt all of the snow. I am hoping the lion eats the groundhog and gives the lamb a chance. We had a decent winter until Feb. arrived, then we got it all in one month!
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    I just saw this post. Mount Vernon is 135 miles straight south of me. Used to stop in when we went bass fishing in the southern part of the state. Does he hunt ducks or upland birds? He should have good luck with both in that area.