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    Democrats, Republicans and Southerners

    Thats a good one! :lol:
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    Bad Wreck!!

    ========= faster horses, A blessing received for the daughter...no doubt! Amen!
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    Bad Wreck!!

    ===== Northern Rancher, Sounds like good progress with the truma repair. Hope the prognosis is as encouraging. Do you know if a review has been made as to exactly what went wrong? Did something fail....did he take un-necessary chances? Is the bull the ... cantankerous type...difficult to...
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    Artificial High Price?

    Radar, You are not alone. We wonder don't we? I have concluded that an artificial high applies a few weeks before xmas(shopping prices)...and the 3-5 weeks after xmas...inventory dispersal is the... artificial low. The others are up for question. :???: :lol:
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    Bad Wreck!!

    ============ Faster Horses, I understand...but for all handling of animals a safe process must be in place. No matter the reason to handle them. We have a 2000# herd Angus...a reasonably gentle guy...but when we bring the herd up he is the challenger. He just stands around in the herd and...
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    Clarence--what is this bird???

    ========== sounds like a killdeere here. They will lead u for 4-500 feet away from their nest with a fake broken wing :) ...acts like he's drunk...about 1/5 or smaller ....the size of this bird.
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    Bad Wreck!!

    =========== Big Muddy Rancher, I hear you...but, doesn't everyone have a channeling lane to their headgate? Geesh! I hope so...by now. Thats cattlehanding 101. These folks were getting semen samples. Sounds somewhat advanced to me...doubt the average cattleman does that. Just feel sorry for...
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    Clarence--what is this bird???

    That's gotta be a member of the crane family...isn't it? Looks a little like the Sandhill crane.
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    Bad Wreck!!

    My prayers are with him also. This is a reminder that while traditional ways are often adequate...we should look at new ways to do things. Maybe because I am lazy...but, anytime I see a new way...I look at it critically to determine if it is better/easier than what we know. 8) I would almost...
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    Good News

    ============== "agman" Careful......those grass fed bovines are getting a lot of attention these days. Early studies...many under way.....suggest more tender meat on pasture than dry grain. We all may be in for a change from the long standing thought that...corn fed beef.... was the best...
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    Ordering a pizza in 08 !!

    "This is so close to what is probably going to be happening in 2008 that we're not sure how funny this really is... Operator: Thank you for calling Pizza Hut. May I have your National ID number? Customer: Hi, I'd like to place an order. Operator: I must have your NIDN first, sir...
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    cloned angus bull

    ============= The horse is new...i guess.....but the two bulls were done back in 2001 or so. Just wondered if anyone had any udates on them?
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    cloned angus bull

    Does anyone know where this cloned disease resistant angus bull is? What is he doing? What is going on with him? Has anyone.....HEY TEXAS!!...seen him? " COLLEGE STATION, Texas (April 27) - A team of French and American researchers has successfully cloned a horse, Texas A&M University officials...
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    Count the "F's"

    five. In the following words; finished files of scientific of
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    the nurse in me could not resist!!!

    ======= TARSman, Don't stop the cinnamon...reduces bad cholestrol I understand.......1/2 teaspoon per day I read. Also pomegranate juice...two teaspoons per day...I could drink a gallon...but, cost prohbitive. If I wanted to start a new venture it would be ...pomegranate trees.