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    Linebacker abandons Mildcats for a better team.

    Is that plural for "Moose"? Yeah, there are a lot of them in Manhattan. Moose, hogs, ......
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    Linebacker abandons Mildcats for a better team.

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    Oregon vs Ohio State

    Whaaaaaa? The guy that has "ROLL TIDE" in 8ft. letters painted on his barn?
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    We'll see the Cowboys going bowling after Bohl leads them to 8 wins next year. You heard it here first, folks.
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    SEC & It's Wild West

    I think they just plain got whupped.
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    SEC & It's Wild West

    In Obama's world (YOUR president), there are no winners or losers, just participants where we all do well. :wink:
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    The State Of Mississippi

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    SEC & It's Wild West

    So far, the SEC west is 2-4 in bowl games, even getting beat by the lowly Big 10....
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    That's the way that it's always been - if you're going to lose, lose early.
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    That loss was very early in the season.
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    Bragging on my daughter

    Beautiful girl and a hell of a shot.
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    remind you of anyone??

    "“But what you're not paying attention to is the fact that I just took action to change the law,” Obama boasted to the hecklers." Oooops, Obama just admitted that he violated the Constitution as the president does not have the power to change laws.
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    Conference of the Universe

    Your favorite team Bama played Fla. At. Samford? Presbyterian? South Alabama?
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    Conference of the Universe

    I noticed that the SEC played 4 games yesterday out of conference - lost them all. You wouldn't think that would happen to the Conference of the Universe.
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    selection committee

    Anyone except a 3-loss A&M ........