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    good team...

    Some times l find it easier to get the cow using the calf as bait
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    Bred cows cycling

    Curious if anyone has seen this before a week ago had to different cows in standing heat yesterday and today both calved calves are fine .cows never bagged up or swelled up just had calves.maybe hormones just curious if anyone else ever observed this
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    I agree with the bando 598 has a son of his years ago and some really disappointing calves from him no experience with the new design bull
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    If you want docile cattle the bull cc& 7 is supposed to be really good
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    We use bags now but when we used a bunker we threw wheat seed on top and it and it created a sod that sealed it up only 2 to 3 inches of spoilage . Silage here in Iowa is the cheapest way to put up feed due to high land prices hard to compete with the government for ground in crp that should be...
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    Heritability of phenotype.

    A well respected cattle man once told me a calves greatest potential is the day it is conceived every thing else is a limiting factor
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    Heritability of phenotype.

    I really hate buying bulls at a sale I prefer private treaty I rather enjoy walking through the pen with the breeder talking about the bulls pedigree and know what the guy wants up front. I select my bulls on phenotype first and numbers second. I stay away from calving ease bulls except for hfr...
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    Telling the agricultural story

    This was made about a hour from home with iowa beef council dollars.https://youtu.be/Do2o33-gZaU
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    Calving in the cold

    First hfr calved today 10 degrees born in the lean to all seems fine first time mother did a great job
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    Calving in the cold

    I love my calf warmer when in doubt throw them in it for a hour and then turn them back with momma. I haven’t killed one yet airing on the side of caution. The same on pulling calves soap weed taught me when I interned with him it don’t hurt to air on the side of caution and just pull it
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    Calving in the cold

    20 degrees the only reason I ask last week it was -22 and my hfrs start the 15th of Jan the forecast looks good mid 20s for highs and mid teens for lows and dry I have a barn to lock a few head in if I need to
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    Calving in the cold

    Just curious at what temperature other folks lock cows up in the barn or throw the calves in the calf warmer? I guess below 20 is kind of my threshold
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    Little helpers

    granpa bought each boy there own cow so they thought they ought to haul mineral
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    Soapweed ????

    I wouldn't have a straight Hereford herd but I do like the bulls sometimes I keep a Hereford hfr now again but we also have angus bulls we use the Hereford more as a terminal cross they seem to inject more frame and bone in to the calves. Angus bulls seem to be a dime a dozen and it is hard to...