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    More College Idiots

    socialism gets them hooked on the goverment teat,.. communism makes them all equally poor and the following dictatorship puts them to work as slaves.. not to hard to understand.. Just ask the 16 million who would be out healthcare under the "skinny" repeal... oh what 15 million would quit as...
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    Hat verses umbrella

    saw Trump in the rain,.. had a marine holding his umbrella,.. NOT. was holding his own...
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    Sen John McCain

    Towards the end of my career, I worked at Bethesda on a temp assignment, mostly i did computer upgrades, but one of my duty assignments was to fill in at the front desk and answer the phone... I lost all respect fro our elitist leaders during that assignment.. from the do you know who I am...
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    Chelsea Clinton and Elizabeth Warren.......

    The participation award liberals don't realize that.
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    "There Are No Moderate Rebels"

    Real message starts at 4:20 Only friend we have in this fight is the Kurds,.. other then that it is which bad guy we support,... Obama and McCain chose sides, and they made so many bad choices that we all regret now. I am glad a democrat has now chosen to tell the truth.
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    Travel Ban by California.

    hypocrites.. funny how the left can ignore islam's brutal violation of others rights, yet make a huge deal out of states upholding their own values.
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    Lavoy Finicum Murdered? Grand Jury Looking

    Another tragedy caused by overzealous law enforcement. all federal employees and all law enforcement should be trained regularly on how to de-escalate a situation.
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    Maybe now the GOP will get something done

    It seems the CBO numbers are a big hangup.,... but they could manipulate that if they were smart.. those numbers are counted towards the 22 million. From June.. same problem. simply repeal the mandate NOW, .let those numbers drop, and work with the more realistic CBO numbers in the next...
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    is this the COMPLETE TRUTH about Benghazi?

    This might take a bit but it is part of the truth on Benghazi and how inept and naive the obama/Clinton administration was. here is what the left wants us to know. here is what we know now. But in reality the story is even more twisted. Without a real investigation we may never know...
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    "He broke me", says a tearful James Comey

    Comey strikes me as the type to "have the goods" on folk and use it to get ahead. The leaked memos that we know about are likely the tip of the iceberg.
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    "He broke me", says a tearful James Comey

    It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetically sad how he has handled his job politically. he tells Trump, there is no investigation of him,... Trump wants him to announce that there is no investigation, but he refuses... Yet... and now...
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    Al is speaking for God

    an article for the climate "deniers". http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-36130346 OOPS,.. seems maybe GOD has a plan already...
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    Al is speaking for God

    Not that it really matters, I wonder when the last time he actually went to church? I see he "found" his faith again for his run for president, but that he went more "ivy league" in his attendance...
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    10 Most Murderous Counties In The Nation

    Trump deported their hard working gardener, house cleaner and nanny, so naturally they would be upset. (sarcasm)
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    Lynch Pressured Comey to Mislead

    Anyone notice a pattern,.. Recusel, special prosecutor? Comey and Fitzgerald used the investigation to undermine Bush/Chaney, and it worked to a certain extent.