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    Cow thief

    Anyone heard the rumor that this man has been found. Dead
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    SEC in the Sweet 16?

    GO CATS. UK Wildcats in the final four.
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    Cain is clueless...

    I was always under the impression that there were three branches of government and therefore we had checks and balances. It seems that the branch that has the lonesome village idiot in it can do anything he pleases and the other two branches of government either can't or won't do anything about...
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    Awlaki Killing: Constitutional?

    In other words it's George Bush's fault.
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    This could get interesting. ELS

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    Balanced Approach

    I keep hearing our Dear President saying we need a "Balanced Approach" to fix our credit problems. For once I agree with him. Balance means we spend the same amount we take in. How hard is that to figute out?
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    NFR tickets

    Check here: http://www.concertticketcenter.com/ResultsGeneral.aspx?kwds=National+Finals+Rodeo
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    Mine dropped too. Got to the point I had to drop it.
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    I have spent some time in Southern Cali and that procedure would work there too.