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    Thick Placenta suffocating newborn calves

    If I put salt blocks in my mineral the cows will just eat the salt, I use loose salt to mix in mineral, my mineral doesn't have any salt, so I can make them eat how ever much mineral I want by how much salt I use. I live in a way different part of the world then you tho. A vet could help ...
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    1st Cycle

    That's the way I go , there's a guy around here that says other wise, but he went to to much school. I always wondered how your first cycle could start when the bull wasn't there yet
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    1st Cycle

    So does the first cycle start with first calf, or by when bulls were turned out ?
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    I was watching the sale at my local barn on cattle usa. Just got to wondering, as we had got quite a bit of snow. I know that shrink happens
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    Shrink on bawling 6 weight steers, after a snow storm, and standing in a sale barn for 6 hours ? 5%, 10 %
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    Corbitt Wall

    It would be nice to get far enuff along with an investigation to expose who the packer's have in their back pocket's
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    Corbitt Wall

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    Hydatid Disease

    We deal with Neospora caninum here in Minnesota, also a wolf spread disease
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    Scare tactic or marketing tool
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    Spearhead branding April 23, 2018

    Sure a lot of iron down in cow country Nebraska, gotta do what ya gotta do, to bad tho
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    There is a guy here that buys a lot of calves and back grounds them for a while he has had real good luck with, cylence pour-on suppose to be different dope we have had a bad winter here for lice all that hair rubbed off every where is a damn fire hazard
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    Weatherby says "goodbye Calif, hello Wyoming"

    I have a 257 Vanguard that's made in Japan, no fit, no finish , after a 1000 rounds it finally feels good, guess as the saying go's you get what you pay for, wonder if they will bring them all to Wyoming