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    Dusty Trails

    There are a lot of places on that Rye Valley road where the out come would not have been nearly that good. Ol GW fell asleep on that road a couple years ago. He was lucky and picked a good spot for a nap too. We were just talking about that cafe this morning. Someone should open it back up...
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    Dusty Trails

    We say what happens in the canyon stays in the canyon. So the Durkee swimming hole is just up stream from my place. It is the only place on the river with a hole deep enough to swim in. Last year we started noticing people camping there. Vehicles with out of state plates. I found out there...
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    Adios my wonderful friend

    That is a tough one especially for your kids. I will keep them in my prayers. I had a similar one happen nearly 20 years ago. The youngest was first driving. She started out too slow the dog ran across in front of her just as she hit the gas. He was the dog the kids all grew up with. It...
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    Have a fine Thanksgiving

    I would have preferred prime rib. But someone else bought and cook the turkey so that is what I ate. It was a good day with friends and neighbors.
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    Have a fine Thanksgiving

    I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving. I got up early to let Patty the puppy out. She got spayed yesterday so she gets to spend a few nights on the back porch rather than in the kennel. We will head down to the Bunch family Thanksgiving about noon. It will certainly be different today with...
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    Thanksgiving Dinner

    We will go to a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by a long term family here. Grandma Jean who is 92 says they have been hosting these dinners since before she was born. It started to give people who had no where to go a place to gather for a Thanksgiving meal. It is held in the community center...
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    Price of fuel

    The neighbor told me that the station across the state line into Idaho just past Ontario was cheaper. So Friday I was in Ontario and hopped across the river. Diesel was $4.14. Not getting fuel there. Diesel in Baker is $3.97. Regular gas has been holding steady at $3.73.
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    The small town where I grew up was surrounded with small farms. Berries, chicken farms, bulbs (daffodils), some dairies and a lot of forest land. When I left there 40 years ago it was changing. Now it is houses instead of farms. There was one high school in the school district now there are...
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    More Rain

    I saw video from Sumas Washington. Just across the border. There has to be some dead dairy cows there too. That part of the world is a mess right now. We had a flood like that in the Chehalis valley in 2007. Out of 300 acres I had about 1 acre that was high and dry. The cows got their feet...
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    What's the weather like at your place?

    It was 20F here yesterday morning. This morning it 30F with a stiff breeze. It rained a lot here the last week or so of October and the first week of November. Went from it is too dry, to good it is raining, to Ok stop I am having to deal with mud. Just got back from the sale in La Grande...
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    Recon pics and the old corral

    I have no idea when the corral was originally built but based on some of the other structures around it a lot of time has passed since then. When I rebuilt things I utilized RR ties which were solid and replaced others. But in re-configuring things I had to dig 36 post holes. I rented a mini...
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    Recon pics and the old corral

    True that steel will last longer but two points. I am a poor old retired guy on a limited income and steel does cost a whole lot more. Also I am 70 years old now. Will I be around long enough to recoup my investment in steel. The next person here can put up steel or get new poles in about 30...
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    Recon pics and the old corral

    H you have to watch it when making comments about Powder River.Our resident Powder River rep might take offense. When I moved here I had to rebuild the corral. My broker doing the sale said that he had loaded out cows from corrals in worse shape. I though gentle cows and everyone move real...
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    Trick Riding

    We were watching some trick riding on TV. I told the wive I did that move, and the next move too. Except I did those moves off the side of a bareback bronc. And I just held them for a split second until gravity took over.
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    More Rain

    Here at the house I am at 2,700 feet. No snow here. The top of the hill out back is 4,700. Darn sure snow there and quite a ways down the hill. The closest thing I could find to Nicky's place listed at 3,396. So she is about 700 feet high than we are here. I took this picture this morning...