The Juggling Chef's French Roast Beef

Take any decent piece of of beef .at least 3 garlic cloves or as many as 6. slice them into fat slices that won't break. Then slice them into little sticks . Find a nice pointed narrow bladed long knife -say a citrus knife or a boning knife or paring knife . Insert it deep into the roast. Poke the garlic deep into that hole you've just made . Put a LOT of garlic in the roast. Take the pepper mill and COAT the roast with as much pepper as will stick to it rub it in well with your fingers . Sprinkle a small amount of flour on the surface say 1 !/2 table spoons, no more . Dont dredge it ! Use just a little bit and rub it into the meat .Take the biggest kettle you have made from cast iron or cast aluminum and pour in a very generous l quantity of olive oil to 1/2 inch deep.Get it very hot and lay the meat into the hot oil. brown every side .You must have a good meat fork to do this . This must be a hot process.When all sides are done place the meat into an enamel roaster along with the vegetables of choice .add to it an acidifier one of these: -wine,a slice of tomatoe or a spoon of tomato paste ,vinegar or1 slice lemon,possibly apple juice as you like just a splash .herbs liked are basil, bayleaf,minced: 2 carrot and 1 celery ,coat vegetables with the oil you cooked in .add these vegetables :green beans ,carrots ,zuchini whole ,mushrooms,small potatoes ,celery,onions coat them all with the oil,Now put this roast into the oven at a low temperature .and slow cook it.Toss the vegetables at least once so they do not dry out .No lid ! When done the outside will look quite black but this is deceptive! the roast will be perfect every time! - This method was taught to me by Chef Robin Schold . And this anecdote . Robin used to make this and bring it home . There were a number of roomates . He would tell us DONT TOUCH MY ROAST !. but no person could resist it. So... Each would come in and carefully cut the thinnest slice possible each thinking" He wont notice". But by the end of the day it would be reduced considerably. This happened several times. Wisely, I asked him how to do it .All the rest of them are only remembering it!


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