Lemon Pepper Beef Steak

1 1/2 boneless, cut 1 1/4-inches thick Top Sirlion
Steak seasoning
3 large, crushed Cloves Garlic
2 teaspoons dried leaves Oregano
1/2 teaspoon Lemon-Pepper
1 teaspoon Olive Oil
3 all-purpose potato wedges, each cut into 6 lengthwise

Combine steak seasoning ingredients; press into both sides of beef steak.
In medium bowl, combine oil and 1/2 teaspoon lemon pepper. Add potatoes; toss to coat.
Place steak on one side of rack in broiler pan so surface of meat is 3 to 4 inches from heat; arrange potatoes on the other side. Broil 18 to 20 minutes until steak is rare to medium doneness and potatoes are tender, turning steak and potato wedges once.
Trim fat from steak. Carve steak crosswise into slices and serve with potatoes.

Makes 6 servings


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