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    mailing adress

    Some people have requested a mailing adress for northern rancher. It is: Box 147 Meadow Lake Saskatchewan S9X 1Y1.
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    SMN Herefords

    Brain can you send me a text on facebook my name is Cory Stevan Wilson so we can discuss your proposal
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    Cooper Children Trust Fund Auction

    Last May Ash Cooper-the clown at the NFR this year-lost his two brothers in a plane crash on a fishing trip in Northern Saskatchewan-in all five died in the crash. The brothers left six young kids between them-one brother ran the sale barn in Prince Albert and one was an ex PRCA bronc rider...
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    New generation-new technologies

    Ty is branding his new heifers today but he is also putting in a tag that saves a skin plug to test for BVD and record DNA. Not sure if there is a $ return for doing it now but hopefully down the road there is-we plan on doing the entire cowherd-itsure helps with grazing management if after A'I...
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    Tim Thomas

    The goalie for the Stanley cup winning boston bruins refused to participate in the teams visit to the White House to meet Obama-he's the only American on the team. The reason he gave for not going was the way government at every level was mismanaging the country and not following the...
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    Hey Justin

    Your not alone in converting to a hockey fan-Raley Radomske the 2008 National High School Girls Cutting Horse champ took in a Chicago BlackHawks game and is hooked. She is an amazing kid has overcome brain cancer and is back rodeoing-she rode a great horse in 2008 just like a big cat on his feet.
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    Awesome Job

    http://www.facebook.com I sure hope this link works better than this #$^^*((& computer is right now. :mad: It'sa picture of a table my buddy made for Shauna to put Ty's buckles in. Not sure if you can tell but it's completely made of old barnwood. He does some awesome picture...
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    Cowboy Job Available Immediately

    My friends on the highline by Plentywood are looking for a man or woman. House and beef provided-I'll let them discuss wages. You can either work on the cattle side or drive semi hauling hay. All the equipment and trucks are pretty much new and the ranch horses aren't real hard to get along...
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    Good Dr. Visit

    One of the joys of a wonky liver is you build up fluid from your waist down-basicallyyour legs,feet and belly puff out till your skin starts to stretch and you get a real burning unrelenting itch. The pressure on your gut can be relieved by running an 8 inch needle into your abdomen and draining...
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    Green Coloured Barb Wire

    It is regular two strand wire but with a covering that is green in colour and supposed to make it last longer. Ty and I started using it this year but when we went to replenish this fall our local Co-op farm supply informed us that they can't get it any more. I would kind of like to finish the...
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    How Will This Pencil

    Was just talking to a buddy in souther Alberta-the Hutterite colony next to him just put in a robotic milking parlor-think star Wars technology but for cows. It can milk a cow a minute-I asked him how many cows they milked I guessed 5-600. I was way off they only milk 60-that is close to a...
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    If Anybody Interested

    Ty and I will be sourcing breeding stock again this spring-if anyone interested in our services just pm what you are looking for and I will get back to you with a quote as to costs. Have some good contacts and herds to deal with for just about all major breeds even some not so major lol. We are...
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    Another First in awhile

    We had to gather all the cows and bring them to the yard for water-rain has crusted their licking snow and the dugouts have water laying on the ice. I paid one track hoe bill a few years ago for plucking out drowned cows that had went through the ice-not a good deal. Saw a complete B.S article...
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    I weakened

    Had to go back on morphine today-I felt like I'd been hit by a bus. On the subject of body fat too much is bad but I'm at 0% and it's way worse. Once I start to put weight back on I'm going to slick up and get at it. I can't believe my appetite it's like my stomach thinks my throats been cut...
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    First One In A Long Time

    We had a heifer get bred out of season and she calved today-about half mile from the yard out in the bale grazing. Ty caught Hank and packed it in on him and the heifer followed good. First time the old buckskin has ever carried a calf but didn't bother him a bit. First winter calf in almost...
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    BMR are you caking your cows or did you find your bloomer recipe. We put pout some feed and two tub 'OLS' just before the Cfr in case some weather hit.We have lots of feed left over and if I moved cows could quit feeding. I hate to graze up my spring field. Do you find it easier to get goes to...
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    No inventory

    Made a 170 mile round trip for fence supplies today-Ty cleaned the farm supply out of posts and wire. Kind of irritating but Paradise hill Farm supply where we went hasn't failed us yet. Going to try some aluminum 12 1/2 gauge smooth wire-it's more money but is easier to work with and is very...
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    Started placing bale grazing bales today-we can get two year old hay delivered to cows mouth for $35/tonne and real good fresh hay from same outfit for about $65/t. We placed some of both out in cows and they kind of took after the older hay quicker so I think in early winter were going to fed...
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    World Series

    What a bizarre ending to the strangest world series I have ever seen. Some of the greatst baseball played and some of the most amateurish stuff also-kind of like ten year olds in game 6-which had the most high drama of any baseball game I have ever seen.
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    Funny Deal

    With my popped out rib and some fart knockers from losing my balance I had some aches were bugging me. I tried a Thermocare heat strip on a sore shoulder-it basically is an air activated heat strip that lasts about 8 hours-and they work great. Anyway my lower back was killing me so I put one on...